Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silly Day

First of all I have a hand that just is so amazing I have to post it. It's sort of a bad beat in that I missed a flush draw, but really it just illustrates the awesomeness of life poker. Here we go:

3 players limp and the local maniac limps in the HJ. The CO raises and I insta-cold-call on the button with A4cc. I'm not sure if that's right, but folding such a promising hand on the button seems out of the question, and 3 betting really isn't going to accomplish much positive either (it's not like all those limpers are going to fold or anything) so calling seems just...good. The small blind cold calls, I don't remember if the big blind plays and all the limpers call and we see the flop at least 7 ways, maybe 8, for two bets a piece.


That is correct, I have flopped the nut flush draw in a 7 way raised pot hello Garden City 2007. And the sb...donks. Just a stupendous chain of events really. My read on the small blind is "super tight", but this hand is really what etched it in stone for me. Anyway, one of the limpers calls, the maniac calls, the CO just calls and I raise it right up for straight value/free-card/kittens/and awesomeness and all four of That's right, the small blind just calls. Keep that in mind. To the turn


In terms of cards that do not give me the nuts, that card is probably pretty freaking good. The small blind checks, the one random limper who has nothing to do with anything checks, the maniac checks, and the CO....Donks. LOL, are you serious? I almost had my free card and there you go just donking whatever it is you have over there OK so I call. The small blind calls (so remember, his line is cold call pre, donk/call, call so far), the limper calls and the maniac....raises. So much for that free card....We all call and if I'm not mistaken there are 22 bets in the pot, or just a shade under 2 racks. There are still 5 runners in this horse race and daddy needs a new pair....month's rent. Paging the river:


Brick. Total freaking brick, almost no chance it changes who wins the hand unless someone is holding exactly 65cc or MAYBE 87. And it...checks...through. And then the true hilarity of the hand can no longer be contained as the small blind tables....pocket tens. That's correct, he flopped a set and took the following line: donk/call. check/call/call. check. That's his line on that board, on a hand in which by the time the action gets to him on the turn it is impossible for ANYONE to have him beat. I can't have it, the maniac can't have it, the pfr can't have it, nobody can have the straight or the QQQ. It's unpossible. And yet after getting raised ONE TIME on the flop he shuts down completely, but somehow the poker gods and the maniac and the preflop raiser (who had AQdd lol seriously? that's almost as bad) conspired to make sure he still won an $1800 pot. It was so preposterous that the maniac and I actually had to laugh out loud.

OK so that pot was hilarious, but otherwise I personally have been running like ass for a while now. K9 < JT on KQ4cc-Kc - Ar (and yes he 3 bet me preflop and yes I got 4 bets in the flop because he never has it), AA < QQ on J65-Q (MikeL and Dos were in disagreement about that hand, but it's possible I was supposed to bet/3/fold the turn and certainly shouldn't be calling the river bet UI like I did). Blah blah blah, can't flop a pair can't make a flush etc etc etc, and yet somehow I'm only stuck like $5K for the calendar year. Yeah pretty stupendous actually now that I think about it, I must have booked some large wins that I'm forgetting about, because it feels like I haven't won a pot since Monday. Today I actually had to stop myself out of the best seat in LA because I was playing so bad (I missed some value bets because of mubs, failed to bluff once, and made a bad fold I think) that it just couldn't have been correct to stay. But tomorrow I'll go once more right back into the breech and hopefully will put a stopper to this madness. We've been getting 3 and 4 games these days, so my life has gotten way more interesting with me actually doing "proppy" stuff like "start the 20 start the 40 play for one lap get picked up start the must move 20 start the second 40 get picked up start the third 40 get must moved to the second 40 go off shift get moved back to the main 40" type days. It's stressful, but it's means we have customers at a minimum.

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Loved your blog since the daze at the Oaks - dont ever let the hilarity dis-ensue.