Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Po. Tay. Toe.

Today's post comes via text message from the big potato. The man has grown weary of winning $60/hour or whatever bumbling around the LA houses of ill repute playing $10 chip LHE games and now spends a fair bit of his free time playing NL and PLO (as big as 20/40/100 no gambool no future IMO). So he sits in a NL game, posts behind, and 3-bets a guy with the AQdd. The guy calls and they take a flop of


Potato shoves (beats me if this is a good idea or not...he could have the nut flush draw) and the guy calls. There's like $1000 in the pot and the guy immediately starts begging to run it FIVE TIMES. Potato is like no no it's a small pot (it is) just run it once. Guy begs. Potato stands firm. Guy asks for 3 runs. Finally potato concedes and says "ok dealer run it twice."

So she runs out two boards and potato bricks out on both and they arrive at showdown and the guy just sits there. He clearly doesn't want to show but eventually says "I have only 2 pair on both" and Potato says "that's good" and the guy actually looks kind of sad. "Just two pair?" he asks and again potato confirms he wins.

And the guy finally shows 44 for quads and a completely wasted world class slow roll.

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AdamStover01 said...

9.5/10. Truly world-class.