Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to Me!

So I walk into Commerce at 7:02am with 9.5 hours of sleep under my belt (lol who says you can't goto bed at 8pm) and it does not look good. Upon immediate inspection there is one 20 with a list, one 40 with no list and no 60. I walk towards the lone wolf floor man and as I'm passing the 40 the 500 pound man in seat 8 literally throw his cards over the 5 and 3 seats' heads. His tirade is all the standard stuff, f this f that runner runner all the days etc etc etc.

Me: "I think you have a seat"
Floor: "You want this purple chair? It's well broken in"
Me: "Naw, just two racks"

Fatty was supposed to be on the button, so it slides one extra seat and I post behind as the 4th blind 90 seconds after walking onto the floor. Happy New Year to Me!

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