Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sometimes it really does feel like I am protected from on high. My devastating Thursday? A distant memory. I've done nothing but win since then. Everything I've touched has turned to gold; I've won, my horses have been winning, I even took a piece of a friend's friend in the 40, forgot I did it, then found out he won like 6 racks or something preposterous like that. And to boot I decided not to play the $340 limit hold em event at the LAPC and do an action swap with 5 or so friends and guess what? Not one of them cashed, and I didn't have to sit there playing for 6 hours. I play so good. Seriously those limit hold 'em tournaments are just such a horrible idea for pros. First of all, anybody who is any good whatsoever would be better served just to play whatever game he usually plays for however long the tournament lasts. Like, suppose you are just a moderate .5 bet per hour winner in the 20 and it takes 7 hours to bubble out (like it took Babar last night lol nice hand sir). That means you should have won $140, but instead lost $340. That's pretty stiff, and that's just for somebody that wins a little bit in the 20. For any player who could beat a bigger game it's just absurdly expensive. Then there's the other problem, that the fish are SAVING money by playing the tournament instead of losing their minds in the 40/80 games. The logic is just the reverse; if you lose $80/hour playing 40/80 (which is actually a pretty modest loss rate given the current rake environment), it makes a good deal of sense to play the tournament. Even if you had a ZERO percent chance of cashing you'd save money if it took you over 4 hours to do so. And let's be honest, all but the worst of the worst players in the event have at least 50% equity (for a $340 buy in they can expect a $170 return), so you can see how every quickly the tournament becomes a very compelling alternative for losing players. But nobody thinks this way so whatever...

Where was I? Oh yeah, winning. I just won and won and won and it was great. Yesterday I was sitting in the second commerce 60 game and just felt like I was king of the world. I literally probably knew 50 people in the room, and counted at least 10 or more of them as good friends, and I don't know I just felt...awesome. I'd stumbled into an amazing 60 for the second day in a row and just won a bunch of pots and then one by one the fish were actually going broke (which does happen from time to time, despite what everyone says) and then the last really live one just up and quit. She was on my immediate right (I run so good, i had no idea who she was when I sat down) and I was so on top of my stuff that I just insta-quit. I took an out button, went to the bathroom, came back to a full game, watched 5 or 6 hands and decided I just didn't need to play. So I racked up, said my fair wells (including stumbling upstairs to needle babar and La Peste and numbnuts for playing the $340 tournament I railed against for 10 sentences above), and 15 minutes later as I walked back through the top section my game was...gone. It had literally vanished into thin air, from 8 handed to no dealer no chips no players in I'm not even kidding less than 15 minutes. Now in fairness a large part of the reason I picked up was that I suspected the game was in jeopardy of breaking, despite the presence of 9 players with chips AND an active list. But whatever, once again, Jesse wins.

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