Sunday, July 26, 2015

Everything is Easy

I'm sitting in Hank's kitchen right now drinking coffee and farting around on the internet.  I thought about driving up to the city early or playing poker at Bay 101 but I really just don't want to do either one yet so I'm just....chilling.  Things have just gotten really easy, and I'm not exactly sure why but I'm just going to run with it.  I was in the fourth row of general admission standers last night for Dashboard and Third Eye Blind and it was awesome, I'm going again tonight, flying back tomorrow, going to work, and then attending the make up of last week's rain out (yes, a concert in Orange County got rained out) tomorrow evening at Verizon.  Why am I doing this?

When I bought three of my tickets in March I told myself it was because they might never tour again and you just don't miss it when your favorite band might never tour again.  But that's not enough.  I thought maybe it was because I embrace the "do hard things" whenever possible, but that's not it either.  Do I love them that much?  I mean sure, they are awesome and my favorite band, but do I really need to see the same set 5 times (where they are actually skipping most of my favorites)? Nope.  I figured it out a few mornings ago.

I gave Third Eye Blind to Danielle.  She had barely (or never) even heard of them when we met and I turned her into a rabid fan (the same thing happened with Soul Asylum because of just one song, actually).  I think (and this is fucking sick), I'm trying to take them back.  I'm trying to say "you know what"?  I am a bigger fan.  Did she show up for six shows in three weekends?  Did she fly to SF for 48 hours to watch a pair in their home city?  Shit I don't know, maybe, but...I did.

On top of that it's just plain fun.  Last night in the fourth row of the masses it was just...amazing.  The girl behind me literally knew every word to every song they played.  The lead singer from Dashboard said "I did learn one thing on this tour.  Third Eye Blind fans can fucking SING".  During the set change we actually did just that.  So I'm doing it.  It's crazy it's nuts it makes no sense it's a waste of resources but that doesn't matter.

Life is about the generation of stories.

-  Jesse, circa 2004

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best I've Ever Been

I'm making it, actually.  It has taken months (over a year), but I am actually making it.  I am figuring out what's important to me, figuring out my value system, how to deal with the faulty wiring in my head, and most importantly when to give and not give a fuck.  Not really playing cards that much cause it doesn't make sense.  Still heavy into sports.  Taking the job very seriously.

Vegas was awesome.  I am smashing the weight room (thanks for the bet Vic...I did lose 8 pounds but it's time to hulk smash that shit again).  I'm the captain of the Oracle Dolphins again and gonna swim 11s all day (faster than I ever was).  Not really dating but that'll change soon in 4 weeks one way or another.  Life is...pretty much great.

Doing 5 third eye blind shows in 16 days.  Seems reasonable right?