Saturday, March 28, 2020

So like Tuesday?

A good friend of mine posted something on Facebook recently about why we are not being super productive during this pandemic.  The basic conclusion was that like everyone is feeling a lot of anxiety and during times of anxiety you spend a lot more energy just trying to be yourself and you actually regress to a premature emotional state because that takes less energy and you just kind of sit there and try to survive.

I thought about it and I was like yeah.... So that's like Tuesday. 

Seriously though in like a kind of weird way this whole disaster has reduced a lot of people to like my general way of being.  There's only so much anxiety that I can feel there's only so many nine out of tens that I can deal with.  When I get them twice a week I don't really know what to tell you now that the world is in jeopardy.  I can't feel that much worse.

So next time you have a panic attack about this pandemic... Don't minimize it or anything. Just realized I've spent two out of the last seven days for seven out of the last 10 years feeling exactly like that. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Where do you go when the demons come?

We all have demons.  I know it's a cliche but it's very true.  I have demons.  You have demons.  We all have demons. 

Where do you go when they come?  We all have places we go...a friend.  A bar.  A drug.   To bed.  Most of us at least have a way to deal with the demons.  Put them aside.  Something.

That's what scary about this whole thing, you cant't go to your usual places when the demons come, oh and by the way they added more demons.  Read that again.  You can't put just hide them away, and they are legion.

Some of my friends talk to me like "surely he is fine everything will be ok" and some others text me like "oh haha you can play poker online". 

The demons are still here, and you can't dodge them now.   You can't just hide from them, you can't run away, you have to face them, straight on.  And it's horrible.  If you're reading this and you need help with your demons you call me.  I can help.  We can talk about mine; they are legion.