Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Sing Songs of His Greatness

I still talk hands with friends from time to time, and here is one that got fired off to me from a great player who is currently getting tortured on a day to day basis and therefore questioning everything:

Terrible limps, guy not too tight raises middle, I call Co with k9s, this game is pretty loose and the blinds (one for sure) are both usually coming along. I think it's too loose Pre.  Someone exposes a k9 lol and we go 5 ways to flop with THE sk calling button behind me

Flop KQT two tone, I have none of the suit. Original raise bets I call sk calls, everyone else folds. Turn 3 of flush draw. Checks to me I bet, sk and original raiser call, river offsuit 5 i bet and both call. Besides preflop is there a mistake?

My response was basically along the lines of "i'd think about raising the flop to clean up some outs (maybe get A4o to fold or something like that)" and his response was "yeah I thought about it but it just feels like my equity is so bad vs the raiser which I guess is why pre is a mistake".  I respond with "and the river is pretty thin" and he replies "well yes I know the river is thing...they both called and I was in third place."  I respond "well yes.  when THE sk calls there you lose 100% of the time"  He responds:

I'll give you a cookie if you can guess the hands.

Me:  Ace King and a small flush

Him:  Ten Ten and...a pair of queens.

Me:  These are all rated players.