Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holy Fuck

I've never gone four months between posts before, so I don't even really know what to say.  Here come some random truths

Poker has been a disaster this year.  I've played close to 400 hours (yes, seriously that many mostly thanks to a leave of absence I took from my job) and am underwater.  This happens, and that's fine I guess.  Last year was amazing.  This year has been bad, mostly because of some horrendous 60 and 1/2 sessions.  It's fine, but I haven't  Not like I was last year, not like I am when I play small.  So I'm taking some time off from the game and resolving to play against the idiots again.

Sports has been awesome.  I know I haven't been super honest about this in the past but I'm pretty heavy into the whole thing and while it sounds like everything else you've ever heard my information and handicapping actually fucking works.  Like....yeah, it really is fucking great.  So there is that.  It takes a lot of time and effort and all that, but it's a great side gig and I really do enjoy the work I put into it.

My job...I took two months off (true story) and have been back at it for three weeks now and quite frankly am really enjoying it.  Our office/project thingy has switched to Agile and I'm really kind of liking it.  My communication and game playing skills make me kind of a boss, and coupled with just having to figure shit's good.  While I was on leave my tech lead/sorta boss left the company (we did an email today where he gloated about the fact that he's just basically coding all day everyday and loving it at his new gig...good for him) and I was terrified about going back without him.  But you know what it's working out just fine.  I like what I do.

Socially...train wreck.  I put up a scary post on FB last night which basically captures how hard this whole thing has been.  I'm not ready to start dating but I have to start dating but dating involves drinking and drinking is probably a bad idea but I still do it anyway....So I...dunno.  It's not like I haven't been on dates.  I have brought home random girls from bars, done the online dating thing, even had a semi serious relationship with a girl from REAL FUCKING LIFE.  But it was all too soon.  So right now I'm just...chillin'

I'm trying to lose 15 pounds in 3 months.  I'm the heaviest I have ever been, which is bad but not horrible...I'm also the strongest I have ever been by a large margin.  Time will tell how this goes, but I suspect I can crush it like I did last time.