Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jesse Plays 2-3 NL; Hilarity Ensues

So it's 9:55am and we don't have enough customers to start a limit game, but there are 4 guys trying to play 2-3 NL so Matt and I sit down and fire that shit right up. As usual I pick up hand after hand after hand and in general look like a spew monkey (something like 14 hours of LA baby NL lifetime up almost $2000), when in fact I just always have it. So anyway I'm spewing along and then boom someone opens to $10 (2-3 blinds) and I make smoov (that's how we play the NL) and there's a call behind and the button makes it...$20. Then villain calls $17 in the big blind. This is the pivotal moment in the hand. Villain is a 20, 40, and 60 regular in the LA area whose complete inability to manage the English is just one of the most amazing things ever. Last May he asked me so repeatedly "what time the dollah game?" that eventually I told him I thought the lottery drawing was at 7pm. He wanted to know when the Mavericks tipped. Anyway...he calls $17 more in the big blind and the raiser fails to re-raise and bang five ways for $20 each. I have 88.


Yatzhee. Villain and raiser check and I...check. Why on Earth would I do that? The caller on my immediate left has a piece and my LHE mentality is sure he will fire. But he doesn't...he checks. An hour later as he was blowing his brains out in the 20 he confirmed "that was the case 8 on the flop" and I just sorta shrugged. Anyway the 3-bettor checks and I cry.


And here is where it gets hilarious. Villain leads for...$20. 5 ways, into $100. The original raiser folds and I ask "did you really just bet 20?" and he says "yeee ess" and I say "not enough" and make it $100 straight. Let us take pause to realize how awful that is; I started the hand with about two fiddy, so there is $120 out there and I have $230 left and top set in a 4 way pot on a soaking wet board. Lol I am the second worst. Two players fold and villain proves why I am the second worst; he calls.


Villain snap shoves his rack into the pot. It has me covered, and I snap call. He declares "top pair" and shows K9hh. And here is the thing...he's value betting and quite sure his hand is good. Matt declares "that's no good" and I table my set and the table is just kind of stunned. This was a huge pot for them; for me and villain it barely rates as a blind steal. Welcome to baby NL, where you can play a hand as badly as you want and your opponents will routinely just stack themselves.


that_pope said...

So whats wrong with your turn raise? Are you thinking it's not big enough? Maybe raising to $120 would be better, but much more than that is too big of a raise.

Oren said...

Play moar unlimited!

I know you write it off as boring, but you should at least dip into that pool (2/5 or 5-10 NL) from time to time.

jesse8888 said...


I think my flop check is bad (although it was predicated on the tell the guy on my left gave that he had something...it's still bad) and my turn raise should just probably just be a ship. I only had about $230, and by raising only $80 in a $120 pot, he was getting close the right price assuming he just stacks me when he makes his flush. I dunno, a very good NL player told me I played the hand awful and I tend to believe him.

jesse8888 said...

Excuse me, raising $80 in a $140 pot. There was $100 in there pre, and he bet $20. I called the $20 (that's $140) and raised another $80. So assuming he gets my last $130 when he hits, he's getting laid $270/80. That's close to the right price, and there were two other players behind me who could have padded the pot. I induced a small mistake instead of trying to induce a large one, I guess is the point.