Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boom Shakalaka

I just loved that game. I mean really, was there anything better than NBA Jam for the SNES? I will always remember playing that game against Danielle in college when we first started dating, and still having our relationship be fragile and delicate enough that I couldn't tell her about CPU Assistance. It was pretty funny when we eventually did turn it off....anyway, I've pretty much been on fire the last two days. Between Friday and Saturday I won 134 bets and just a shade under a main event buy in. I simply could not miss a hand, under any circumstances. I came in Friday morning at 6am to save the game and sat with five and four handed for 90 minutes and just destroyed everything in sight. I sat again for like 20 minutes around 10am and won 2 more racks. Then I won and won and won, until finally yesterday 15 minute before my shift was to end we started a 6 handed must move game with 4 props and 2 customers, and I relieved the customers of another $2600 in like 60 minutes. It was, in a word, glorious.

On top of that the whole staking thing has taken a turn for the better. I guess I won't go into much detail, but will simply say that it is no longer true that all of them are stuck, which is...swell. I was starting to get a little frustrated that I'd spent so much time and effort hammering out all the details of the deals just to light a bunch of money on fire, which obviously isn't good for anyone. But things are looking up on all fronts poker wise, so I really can't complain. Now it's time to watch some football.

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