Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There Really is No Justice

I'm back in my room now about to catch some Zs. I finished the day stuck less than $2K, which given that I lost $1800 in the first 90 minutes is pretty good. But am I really not adjusting to the Bellagio games? I NEVER win when I play here and while the sample is still piddling it's certainly getting old.

So I was back in the 30/60 and....I really don't want to relive my session so let's just sketch in an outline. 3 ways we see the river and player A open mucks. Player B bets, and I ask Player A not to do that. He doesn't understand why I am upset and says "I missed my draw. It's my turn. I acted in turn. I can do whatever I want on my turn". I pay off the JThh that just cracked my 66 (which I 3-bet preflop) on a 432hdd board) and we deal the next hand. Player A receives QQ, I receive JJ, and the board comes down 9-high. There really is no justice.

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