Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to 15/30

So I took a 90 minute break to watch Strasburg systematically destroy the Pirates, even placing a $20 wager at +175 on my Buccos to win the game straight up. Score is 4-2 Nats heading to the top of the 9th, so using that ticket to wrap up my spent chewing gum is probably better than getting up to find a tissue. This guy is apparently for real; he struck out 14 in 7 innings, getting every starter at least once. I think they said he set the franchise record for Ks in a game!

Anyway, back in the poker room I've stepped down to 15/30, virtually eliminating any chance of getting even for the day, but also taking -$4K out of play. Basically I've punched out from the creekbed, don't have enough club in my bag to get to the green, and am hoping to get up and down for bogey. I actually expect I'll win a rack or two, since that's part of the deal when you move down. You win big enough that if you'd just stayed at the higher level you'd have won it all back, but since you wimped out you're still 4 (or 5 for some of the guys I've met this trip) figures under. Hey I didn't make the rules I just follow 'em.

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Dave said...

To be fair, a K against a Pirate should probably only count as like half a K against another team.

There was always a chance when you posted this, though - Matt Capps is our closer!