Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Need To Vent

I honestly wonder what the sick part of me that continues to play the Bellagio 30 game is thinking. I'm just not allowed to win, and yet right now I'm sitting in the game and not planning to get up for hours. It's not that I'm outmatched, but just this feeling of inevitability that I'm going to blow 2 racks should be enough to keep me in the 15. I guess it's a little bit of ego right now; I don't want to play down and I don't want people to think I'm scared of the 30, but honestly that's almost true and it might be affecting my play.

This guy opens UTG at a full ten handed table and I 3-bet TT from like the CO. Honestly I think this is almost close, but apparently my read is grossly off. The board runs out 863cc-7c and he just insta-donks the turn. I shrug and call him down and see T9o. How did I not know that guy opens T9o 7 seats from the button? IMR WTF? The very next hand I get 3 bets in preflop 5 ways and flop JT9hh with JJ. The turn is a small heart and two guys keep calling. The river Q is a disaster, but I bet hoping against hope to get action from 2 pair. Nope, AK called 3 cold preflop, but at least I folded to the his raise and the subsequent call (from 2 pair lol wow you idiot).

So I'll keep fighting the good fight, but honestly wonder if maybe I should step down to 15, pride be damned.

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Captain R said...

TT is an insta-3bet vs. anyone anywhere. I mean, they could be raising T-high UTG, amirite?