Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Business as Usual

Yesterday I booked a 2+ rack in the HG 20/40, finally getting the monkey off my back. I had been 0 for 11 leaving that casino a winner, but yesterday I actually made some draws, flopped some sets, and in general was not eviscerated.

I'm back today for more and things are back to usual. In 15 minutes sitting in the prop tournament game I have basically been blown out of every single pot I've entered. It's hard not to think they're just fucking with me. One is even whispering to another every 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure about me. But poker-wise....

I raise my BB with AK 3 ways and get back raised. The 3rd player folds and the flop comes 7-high. I just fold and the guy smirks and I mean I dunno. Online I call down but live he has AA or KK so much it seems just like bad moon risin'.

I open KTo OTB and the sb calls. He check raises the flop of AKQcc and I mean what else can I do but fold the brick turn? Paying off would be horrendous.

I open 77 OTB, the SB wants to 3 bet but the BB 3bets out of turn so we both call and sorta wonder wtf just happened. The flop is 955 and I raise/fold against the BB. She pretty obviously has it, unless again she somehow knows I'm capable of folding AND have one of the 4 hands I might do it with.

KJo I open the HJ and the co poster calls. He raises the T63hh flop, I peel and have no choice but to fold the 2h turn. I have no heart(s).

I find J7o in SB 4 ways and I bet all 3 streets of a J42cc-Tr-Qr. 2 players call the flop and turn, and the BB calla the river and shows me KQcc.

So I think all's right in the world again.

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Dan said...

Open-fold the flop? Awesome.