Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And Now For Some Omaha

Danielle and I went to Commerce this weekend on the premise that she'd get to see where it is that I go every day and get worked into an enraged fury of anger and hatred while eating free food and maybe playing some Omaha. I sat in the 20/40 game after giving her the grand tour and promptly played like a wild man for 60 minutes or so while she waited for and obtained a seat in the 4/8 full kill omaha eight or better game. I was in virtually every other pot, taking and dishing out horrendous beats left and right. I made quads to crack aces. I had my aces cracked by J5s. When the dust settled and Danielle came over to sweat me and Quantum Hoops I was up a couple hundred bucks and definitely ready for some dinner. So we ate and I lost some chips and started giving into the fact that I have, for the second time in like 2 weeks, a pretty shitty cold and decided after she left that the game wasn't so good and getting Quantum Hoops infected was a pretty cock move so I'll just go hang out with Danielle in the Omaha game and have a little fun before I go home. So I racked up my 2 big bet win (humongous) and headed over to the "main room" which makes the top section look like a the Utopian Society from Gattaca. A new game was called and Danielle was a little concerned that I might not get a seat since there were like 20 names on the list and I was something like 18th, but I assured her everything was fine and sure enough the game barely even went and almost broke 5 hands after we started.

This game was freaking ridiculous. It's a 4/8 game played with $1 chips, but it's a full kill game with the kill being triggered any time someone scoops a pot with, I think, more than $40 dollars in it (basically anytime somebody scoops). Most of the pots were 6 or 7 way, and that's with Danielle and I sitting there nitting it up like a couple of old ladies with new grandchildren. Now in fairness Danielle is actually less of a nit than I am in the Omaha 8 or better, I think because she has more confidence in her abilities to play the game well than I do. Who is actually better at the game is an open question, but who thinks they are better is not, and I'll just leave it at that. Usually 4 or more people would be putting in action on the big streets, and really it was just "let's see who can make the nuts" poker the entire night. So in the game where 3 rack pots were completely commonplace I found occasion to play a pair of hilarious hands. First, in a kill pot, I am dealt:

Ac 2c Th Td

Under the gun. Now a quick course in Omaha 8 or better for the people who read this and don't know the rules (Mom, Dad, listen up). The betting and hand rankings are just like Texas Hold 'Em, and there are only three differences. First, you get four cards. Second, you have to use exactly two of them to make the best hand, combined with three from the board. So in Texas Hold 'Em if four clubs come on board and you only have one in your hand, you still have a flush. In Omaha you need to have two in your hand (which is easier since you have four cards but still). And finally, the "low hand" gets half the pot, where the best low is A2345, for which again you must use exactly two cards from your hand and three from the board. OK, so there we go. Anyway, I have the monstrosity of a hand shown above and I raise it up. Somehow the pot only goes off 4 ways (I think maybe only 6 people were dealt in...that was probably the problem) and I flop:

Tc 8c 4c

That's right. I have a made nut flush, the nut low draw, and top set. It is virtually impossible for me to lose this hand, unless my low is counterfeitted in which case I'll lose half the pot. So I bet and two people fold and....Danielle calls. Sweet merciful baby Jesus these people are dying to get their chips into the pot just flinging them in left and right and I flop this nuclear bomb of a hand and I get $8 from Danielle on the flop? The turn is like a 6h and she folds and I just have to show the beast a low whistle comes from the guy on the other side of the table who later made a racist comment but hey it's Commerce whatchagonnado?

So a bit later Danielle get's must moved and despite me being next on the list I somehow play for like an hour by myself which tilts me so hard I actually walk back over to the 20/40 section, lock up a seat, come back for my chips, pick them up, then as I'm walking away get called to move and come back and sit with Danielle and never show up for my seat which probably pissed Archie off pretty bad but I did text Quantum Hoops but he apparently didn't get it for like 10 minutes because his phone is from 1993. In the interim I did manage to win a pot that went down like this:

Four players limp (this was actually Danielle's last hand at the table and she folded the CO) and I limp along with AQ73 badugi (four different suits) on the button. SB raises and we see the flop seven (7) ways. It is:


The SB bets, UTG raises, I 3bet, SB calls two more, UTG caps, and I call. In hold'em I have the nuts. In Omaha I am now in call-down mode. The turn is pleasant:


Giving me the nut low draw and ensuring that I can show down. I call a bet and so does the SB.


Victory is mine. UTG bets again and I just call, hoping SB will put one more bet into the pot hopelessly but also concerned that he might have me quartered (the same low) because I mean he did raise preflop and has called like 15 bets here he should probably have SOMETHING. UTG tables his hand and says, I shit you not, "Three queens 6-low send it!" and I peer across the table to see his hand is something like QT64 and am just in shock. I table my hand and say "I think I scoop it" and he is decidedly not amused.

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