Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Lack of Motivation to Write

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I'd really like to just magically have up on here, but I don't really have the motivation to write it all out in the glory that it deserves. So I'm going to do what I usually do in a situation like this and just make a bulleted list of some interesting true facts:

1. Since the day I left for Vegas my spreadsheet is showing losses of $11,200. It's not quite as bad as that, since I had some staking for the events I played and actually posted some small wins in Vegas playing "not poker" (bowling, craps, a home game that definitely was not poker, and black jack I am so awesome), but it is decidedly not good. Actually now that I mention it that home game was freaking awesome. I ran hot like the sun in deuce to seven triple draw and was up something like 150 going into the last hand of the night, which ontherail15 declared would be a $55 PLO flip (we had been doing dealer's choice all night and when it came to Robbie one orbit he only had $14 in front of him so he declared "$14 PLO flips" as his "game") which I promptly won by making broadway with a nut flush backup plan.

2. I am losing weight at a positively unthinkable pace. Today I weighed in at 168.2 pounds, almost 12 below my starting weight of 180 and about 2/3rds of the way to my target weight of 162, only 34 days into the 90 day challenge. So I'm probably not going to lose any money on that one, which is nice.

3. Babar took time out of his life to have a 45 minute talk with my a few nights ago, in which we first talked some strat and then he gave me some advice/action items that he thinks would help me improve the mental side of my poker game. I really wanted to write a whole post about this conversation because it really was eye opening and fantastic but as I said I just don't have the motivation. One of Babar's tasks, however, was not to post any bad beats for a month. So sorry if that's what you were reading for. The long and short of it here is that Babar is super duper awesome.

4. The devastation of my actual live bankroll (as you're all aware I was playing a little short as it was) has me launching a plan to play online exclusively for 3-4 days, and, after I see how that goes (mostly if I don't go batshit insane), I may continue on the online track indefinitely. Between losing $11K in like 2 weeks and just the general douchebaggery of these people (a guy actually said to me "You're a moron at Commerce and you're a moron here" after I asked to see both hands at showdown of a pot which I was whip-sawwed out of by a weirdo turn screw play), I just don't see myself wanting to put in the effort to get to the casino much longer. Yesterday, for example, I ended up spending 2.5 hours commuting and waiting for games. This is just unacceptable. So today I played 2000 hands online and....broke even. But at one point I was stuck 90 bets so it's not all bad.

4.1. Again I want to stress that when I say I'm playing "short" I'm not actually playing with all the money I have. I've decided I'm not willing to wake up when I'm 30 with no money, so a fair portion (like 90% actually at the moment) has been declared untouchable. If I busto the other 10% we'll see how my resolve holds up, but for now the plan is regrow a 20/40 bankroll playing 3/6 online. LOL I know it's ridiculous but hey so is a guy with a Master's in CS from MIT playing poker for a living right?

5. I had a fifth topic but then I went back to write that 4.1 thingie and well looks like it wasn't that important because I have absolutely no idea what words were supposed to go here. So I guess that's that.

6. Just thought of one more thing....USA, USA, USA!


Yodaman said...

My hourly doing 6 tables of 3/6 online was comparable to 1BB/hr of 20/40 fwiw. The hourly SD > 12 SDs though so 3/6 isn't exactly stepping down.

jesse8888 said...

The problem is that I'm currently comfortable at about 4 tabling 2/4. Getting up to 6 tables shouldn't be too hard, but doing it for 7 hours a day (and playing the subsequent 4000+ hands) might be more than I can manage.

that_pope said...

Thats what I am doing, rebuilding my bankroll through online poker. Having a day job makes it impossible to try to rebuild a live bankroll by playing 8/16, would just drive me insane.

I also am not touching any non poker money in this quest, so we are in the same boat, and unfortunately play at the same site, so at some point we will likely have to play at the same table together.

That one day you were at a table with 2 fish and 1 average player and there were 2 open seats, and I didn't take a seat and it pained me such.

I actually started with less than 200 in my account in December, and now have a strong bankroll for 5/10, so the progress is awesome.