Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Just Me Isildur

So this actually happened. I have a theory that listening to the isildur song conveys magical and fleeting run good. Today at commerce stuck just under 3 racks after such gems as me calling down with AJ ui on a QQ3ddc-2c-9h and getting shown A9ss, getting river 2 outted twice, and running KQ into JT on a JT3-K board (lol he check called the turn and river), I decided to give the song another shot. I'm in the BB and fire up the YouTube video. It spins cause it's fucking Commerce and AT&T doesn't know the place exists, and I get 96dd and a limped 4 way pot. I am firing up the song so rungood peeks his little head out:


I bet and two players call. My phone reports it is unable to connect to YouTube, or in other words "you're really fucked now man here comes the baby heart!" Anxiously I hit refresh


Grand. I bet and only get a call from the EP limper. Call only? Maybe top two is ok!


The song starts to play! I bet and my opponent string raises. Like it's not even close two forward motions one with each bet. I say-so-much and am allowed to show down my two napkins for no more money. A8hh.

So do you see what happened there? The mere act of attempting to play the song was enough to flop top two. But the leaden walls of commerce breaking the connection interrupted my protection for just one street, which was all my opponent needed to turn (and call only with) the lockdown nuts. The song came back on too late to change the river card, but in time to smite my opponent into a string bet. Undeterred I continue with blind optimism.

My small blind and the CO open raises. He's a borderline maniac preflop so I have an easy 3 bet with AJcc. Headsup we go and an ace flops. He folds instantly, and I drag my first pot in an hour. The isildur song is not versed in the art of te hustle. It merely destroys all in it's path.

My button and the HJ (same guy) opens. I behold the A8 of shovels and sling 12 chips into the pot. Dude has been way out of line AND seems to always raise the hand after he loses a pot and I mean I've got the isildur song and an ace what could possibly go wrong? Headsup again.


Attack! He calls only.


My 3 bet is in the pot before he's finished check/raising. He scratches his head and calls. He either has air/gutshot or an 8 he's not folding since he'd have done something with a Queen in the flop.


He checks and folds. It's just me isildur.....


Anonymous said...

Do you ever wonder if your snap 3 bets ("my 3 bet is in the pot before he can even finish check-raising") might cause observant (whatever few there are) opponents to re-evaluate their handstrength?

Or is this some double fakeout reverse action of the strong when weak/weak when strong tell?

jesse8888 said...

Yes I worry about it and I try not to do it but sometimes it's just so fun.

In general I act very quickly and that's also something I'm trying to work on, because I probably do give off a lot of timing tells. I throw in fake tanks as often as I can to ameliorate the situation.

Anonymous said...

If you're only ever faking your tanks, and never tanking for realz, it doesn't make much difference, IMO.

Captain R said...

Maybe this is the source of Isildur's woes?