Friday, April 30, 2010

Promising Stats

Just a short little update here, but I took a moment this morning to see how I've been doing since the great Hawaiian Gardens Debacle (tm) ended on March 6th. What I found was very encouraging:


16,037 Hands, 92 big bet win.

This may not sound like much, but after hand 3600 I was 180 bets underwater, so since then it's been quite a run. I've been playing mostly 2/4 and mostly 6-max, but have spent a fair bit of time playing 3/6 and full ring. Also on top of this the rakeback is a nice plus.


I've played 213 hours, almost entirely in the Commerce 20 (I have some hours at CAZ obviously, and a little bit of 8/16, 20 Stud, and that 200 NL I played with Quantum Hoops) and have won basically a main event entry fee. This is a good hourly number, but the problem is that I've had trouble getting in my play. This is mostly intentional, as I've made the decision to play less and focus on improvement with the goal of becoming a viable online player and eventually taking another stab at the 40.

So things are back on track. It's about damn time.


Ken said...

1.2BB / hour is nothing to sneeze at - keep up the good work!

Captain R said...

1.2 BB/hr? I didn't realize you were running bad. :-)

J/k, but seriously -- I'm still sometimes amazed that you can make a decent income sitting around pushing pieces of paper and plastic discs around.

Glad to hear things are running good once again.

that_pope said...

I think you could put in more volume online. I am guessing these are stats for the year. You should easily be able to put in 10k hands a month with little trouble. Simply try to maintain gold ironman status on FTP, and it will help you get those hands in daily. I have a 40 hour a week job, and have no problem getting in 10k-15k hands a month, done it every month since I started trying online in December.

That breaks down to a little over 300 hands a day, which if you are playing 4 tables at once, isn't even an hour of play.

jesse8888 said...

Like I said in the post these stats are since March 6th, so basically I'm on pace for exactly 10,000 hands a month for 2 months.

My current schedule is that I devote 2 days a week to online play, so it's not really a "few hands a day" sort of thing for me. In those days I seem to be able to play about 2000 hands, so actually in May I should be able to log 15 or 20 thousand hands.