Monday, April 26, 2010

Dealer Trapped by Rake Box; Hilarity Ensues

In all my hours of live texas poker I had never until today seen anything, let alone the dealer's bracelet, get stuck in the drop box. But sure enough it's Commerce so anything is possible. Today I sat in the must move for about 10 minutes before the following happened:

"Floor, open seat here"

Floor calls 4 names....nobody responds except one guy who looks at the game that is currently 8 handed with 2 walkers and opts to simply walk away. Now there are 8 of us and two guys are already walking. By definition someone has to be first up to move, and someone else has to be second, and both those individuals decide to sit out because who would ever want to play in a short game when you could not play and just sit around and eventually move to the main game. So all of a sudden we're like 5 handed and I of course take both my blinds but accidentally bust the big blind as the small blind and so now there are like 2.8 of us looking at each other and the game grinds to a complete halt with the button in front of the guy on my left with a small blind on top of it. We sit there for 10 minutes and eventually cajole enough people to sit with us, at which point the dealer suggests we redraw for the button and make it a new game. Me and the guy on my left are like "no" and so eventually the game does get a hand off first 4 handed, then 5, then 6, etc with only 15 minutes having been lost.

So we carry on and eventually I am in the main game and not once, not twice, but thrice is my button mis-managed by the dealer within the course of 45 minutes. The first time I actually pay the small blind twice because I am unobservant and do say something but only after there has been action. I end up winning half the pot which is nice so I guess it's ok. This put me on high alert and I noticed the next two times it was messed up. All this shenaniganning was well and good, and I even played a silly hand in which my JT flopped two pair against the cutoff openers JT but through pure will power and determination I managed to runner runner a flush and drag the whole pot, but the main event was yet to transpire.

There are two limps and the button folds and the action is on me when it becomes clear that the dealer is distressed. Greatly distressed. Her bracelet, which is basically a chain with some gold charms on it, has become stuck in the drop box. Somehow one of the not so round charms has managed to get in there and now is below the table cavorting with our lost chips and refusing to come back into the light. The dealer tries to free herself, but can't really because she's not allowed to put down the deck which currently resides in her left hand. The customer in seat 9 attempts to help, but he's completely useless. The woman from seat 1 makes an attempt, but also fails epicly. All the while I'm just patiently waiting to toss in 2 chips with my 96o, laughing at the preposterousness of it all. IMR, her bracelet is stuck in the drop box. W. T. F.

Eventually we call over a floor man who manages to not only get the bracelet off her wrist, but also to wrest it out of the hole. There is much rejoicing, I call, and the flop comes down:


I bet because that is the way of things. The BB folds but UTG calls, and the other limper folds.


I bet. He raises. I 3 bet. He 4 bets. I 5 bet, he 6 bets, I 7 bet, he goes all in for 3 more chips, I call.

9 (!)

He shows T8o for a beautifully received asshole card on the turn. Good things come to those who wait.


Unknown said...

Hey Jesse, we must have been separated at birth!

For the first time ever (that I notice) I had the dealer not move the button (twice) to me during my last session and ended up paying the small blind twice twice.

Oh, and right behind you I also had a heater of over 10 racks my last session. I couldn't help but crack up when asked while racking up: "so how much does it hurt to have a horseshoe stuck up your ass".

Glad to hear you are running well.

jesse8888 said...

A guy was leaving one time with like 8 racks and some regular said to him "Have a good night, and let us know how the surgery goes." The departing player looked at him quizzically for a moment and the regular let him hang for just the right number of beats before finishing "You know, to remove the horseshoe"