Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Which I Produce Graphs

Everybody likes graphs. Well OK not everybody, but I like graphs and it's my blog so I'm going to make me some graphs that will make me feel better about my current situation. You see I've got a new plan (I think I've outlined it already), but basically I'm going to drive to Commerce only 4 days a week (and put in 30 hours) and spend 2 of the other 3 days watching videos and playing online. The goal is obviously to get better, and to get comfortable with online play. Today I logged about 1200 hands online, and would have gotten in a few hundred more if my internet connection hadn't crapped out on me around 6pm. Here you will see my lifetime graph of all hands played at 1/2 and 2/4 online (both 6-max and full ring).

That graph was pretty easy to make, and it's kind of promising to me. It also has some humorous attributes I'm sure everyone will appreciate. But seriously, it sorta trends upward except for that massive disaster in the middle, and overall it's something like .7 big bets per 100, which isn't terrible. Add in rake back and we have a promising beginning. For my next trick, I will attempt to build a lifetime commerce 20/40 graph. This could be challenging as the data is spread over 2 excel sheets, but after some work here we go:

Again, as you can see....interesting attributes, such as my recent tendency to lose 4 racks in a single day. There you have it.


d said...

the only thing graphs have proven to me is that my FT account is doomed and, as a result, whatever acct i play on stars is just (re: the allin ev line)

do you log live by hands or by hour?

O0Brian0O said...

your use of pokergrapher makes me think you arent using hem, ewwwww

Pokershaman said...

Have you computed win rate and variance for your Commerce 20 data?

jesse8888 said...

1. I log live hands by the hour.

2. I am currently still using poker tracker, not hem.

3. Yes but I only have a little over 200 hours which as we all know is borderline meaningless. I can assure you StDev is between 420 and 450 per hour, however. That's just what it is.

Anonymous said...

You also haven't figured out how to save the graph out of poker tracker instead of screen capturing the whole window. Hint, it is on the right mouse button menu.