Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Fashioned One Day Report

Commerce was kind to me yesterday, letting me walk home with about 2 more racks than I started with. A few hands that I found enjoyable/humorous:

Hand 1

I open red queen in the cutoff and only the small blind defends. The flop falls:


I bet and he calls. His call here is a good sign, as most players would c/r a king. To the turn:

K96r-Qs, putting a flush draw on board

He check/raises me. I take pause for just a beat before 3-betting. He calls. Sure, he could have JT, but I have the 3rd possible nuts and KK is almost impossible.

5c, making 2 clubs, 2 spades, and a heart.

He check/calls. I table my hand and he triumphanly rolls...54 of spades. Does he have a flush? Two pair? I can't quite see....nope. One pair of fives. He doesn't appear confused either. Pear duh.

Hand 2

For this hand Frond is on sweat patrol. He's walked over to the table and is standing directly behind me, and has many times before mentioned that he is an expert sweater, even once suggesting he was going to start a business offering his services. His model would seem to be just like that of a crack dealer: "First one's free baby, just give it a taste!" Anyway...I have the mighty J8o in the big blind, one player limps, the small blind completes, and I check my option.


The small blind checks, I bet, the EP limper folds, and the SB calls.

J72-A putting another pesky spade draw.

SB donks. I don't know what to make of this and because I am bad at poker I call, intending to call down.


Well now that I'm here I obviously have to call, although in the last 5 seconds I've realized I was supposed to fold on the turn more than likely. So anyway I call and the SB quickly rolls J7o for a counterfeited 3 pair (he has aces and jacks with a 7 kicker). I roll my now winning hand (aces and jacks with an 8 kicker) and sheepishly drag the pot. Frond should probably draw up a business plan as far as I'm concerned.

Hand 3

Someone buys the button (I'll call him the SB) and I open black 8s in pretty early position, like probably UTG if there were 2 blinds. The woman on my immediate left 3 bets, and this ladies and gentlemen means she's not screwing around. I resolve to flop a set. The button buyer calls both bets, I call, and we see a flop of:


Victory! The small blind bets and I do something that I almost NEVER do; just call. This is probably still a small mistake, as I'd love to put two bet pressure on JJ or TT here, but even against those hands it's not all bad, as she might call two bets cold and then be priced into making a correct 1 bet call on the turn. And if she has AQ (unlikely), KK or AA she's going to raise anyway and I'll get to see what the SB does before deciding on my action (if he just calls I'll probably 3 bet and let the cat out of the bag, but if he 3-bets I'll probably just call and again raise safe turns). I also figure her AK hands are drawing stone dead and will not put in 2 bets, so just calling gets those bets. If I had it to do over again I'd raise, and not just because she folds behind me. So we're heads up.


That turn card is decidedly not safe. The SB bets confidently and I just call, now kind of afraid that I'm actually behind.


Check check. He shows 84s for his half of the pot. I am beside myself and immediately rack up my chips and leave.


Ken said...

Better to have had a set and split, then to never have had a set at all...

d said...

would love to employ frond for online final table sweating; never ending run bad the rare times i make it to one lol

why would you leave this game? beside yourself for your flop call or the river? if the latter, that couldn't have been wise, right?

jesse8888 said...

It was about time to go anyway (I'd been playing for 7+ hours) and I was going to spend the next 30 minutes thinking about that hand instead of whatever one I was currently playing.