Monday, December 27, 2010

400th Post

Seems somewhat cool, but not cool enough for me to actually care that I'm going to burn it on something silly such as this. I spent the last 4 days hanging out with Danielle's family, and my mother lands for a 5 day visit in less than an hour. Accordingly there hasn't been, nor will there be, much poker, posting, or blogging happening. Random facts that seem to be true:

1. Lots of people are interested in joining the hand review team. Thanks to everyone who wants to help out. At Pete's suggestion, and due to having so many people who want to help, I may start sending the same hand to multiple reviewers.

2. I am hoping something is wrong with my spreadsheet, because if not the amount of money I made this year playing live poker makes me a very sad panda. On the other hand I guess the actual thing I should be hoping for is to not find any errors and actually be happy that I'm about to receive a fat tax rebate.

3. Live poker has been going well and I'm already chomping at the bit to get back to it, which as I mentioned is kind of bad since I'm not planning to play for the next 7 days.

4. My Black Card appears to have been lost in the Mail Ether.

5. I received my first check from Google for proceeds from my blog advertising. I am averaging $5/month in revenues.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new years!

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Yodaman said...

the blog advertisements hardly even seem there because the body of your posts (for me at least) are 2-3 inches away from the advertisement. Tons of white space