Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to wish everyone out there a happy and prosperous 2011. My mother's visit was a rousing success, and Danielle and I spent today watching silly events on television (her the Rose Parade, me the Winter Classic...curiously neither of us seem capable of remotely caring about college football) and un-decorating the apartment. I decided not to make any specific resolutions this year, but did manage to stay up to watch the ball drop (I am yet to miss one in my adult life). The big holiday, however, is tomorrow, with three (3) NFL games on the agenda. Both the Steelers and Green Bay games are on TV (god bless you LA and your embarrassing inability to support a local football team despite having over 20 million residents) and Danielle is claiming she wants to watch the NFC West title game in the evening, to which my response was basically "why not?"

I have re-commenced online operations and will be playing live again starting Monday. The current plan is still to generate enough money (without selling investments) to take a reasonable shot at the Commerce 40. Wish me luck. I also considered publishing my year end results, but have decided against it both for privacy reasons and because they were horrendous.

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