Monday, January 3, 2011

This One is Too Much

I don't post naked hands much anymore, but this one is too good to pass up.

Two players limp in MP and the CO and the SB, who just finished turning $100 in $5 bills into chips calls. I raise the JTss in the BB cause it is pretty. They call obviously.


SB checks and I consider checking since I have airmailed everything, but bet because maybe they will all actually fold 9 high no draw. They all call and I am done with the hand; how they all have deuces is beyond me, but at least one of them does.


SB checks I check MP bets CO raises SB turbo calls all in I lol and fold MP 3 bets CO calls.


Bet call and MP proudly displays 32dd. "No Good!" comes the declaration from CO, who produces....32ss. For the chop.


ExMember said...

My favorite part was where you raised from out-of-position into four players with JTs for value. And you were right!

jesse8888 said...

EZ raise.

The blindman said...

isn't the Cbet lighting money on fire?

jesse8888 said...

It may well be. Some would argue however that 3 limpers should miss a Q22 board. I think I get 3 folds one in 9 times.

Captain R said...

you are a ****ing moron
betting JT into trup deuces

jesse8888 said...

How'd that 80 shot go captain? Our readers are dying to know :)

Captain R said...

meh, figured you might not have seen this --

betting JTs on the flop is standard.

80 shot fail, obviously.

Patrick said...

Wow, my NVG post is getting new readership 6 months after it debuted. It was named NVG thread of the year by the 2+2 pokercast.