Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Getting Hard to Keep Up

I don't know why, but lately I've been finding it harder and harder to be motivated to type up a blog post. Lots of interesting things have happened that I could spin into an interesting post (like yesterday when I got completely coolered by three opponents who all played their hands exceptionally poorly, and still only lost about a rack on the day), but I just haven't had the motivation. So I guess again I'm just going to ramble.

First of all today is football day. Danielle and I are just settling in for our second such Packers and Steelers...(knock knock knock Danielle's dad is here and we just spent 9 hours watching football and eating brats).

OK and we're back.....I can't believe the Steelers almost blew that game. Like, what on Earth were they trying to do in the second half? What changed on defense? Why did they continue to try to run the ball into a 8 and 9 man fronts? Anyway, now we have to decide how we are going to handle what will very likely be the only Packers Steelers Superbowl of our entire lives. Part of me really wants to just say fuck it and drop the $4-5K or whatever it would cost to go to the game (crappy tickets are selling for $2300 a piece, so likely I could get it done for under $4K), but the rest of me (the rational me) is pretty sure that's a spectacularly stupid idea. Most likely we'll end up just watching the game at home, in our apartment, in relative peace.

In poker news things are going extremely well. I've only logged 3 losing sessions this entire month (including the very first of the new year) and am so far up a stunning 10 racks in just a shade under 100 hours of play. I'm also crushing it online (I have a chance at a $2K month in less than 10K hands), thanks in part I think to a conscious decision to focus on playing only in good games when I'm feeling on top of my game (thanks to DougL and others for that piece of golden advice) and in part just because I get to run like Jesus. Live poker has been more of the same, with me actually getting to drag large pots, such as the time last week when I flopped a set of aces on :


And the guy just called the flop. LOL he's always raising the turn...always. So he does and I three bet after what apparently was the correct amount of hollywooding because he insta-4bet. At this point I stare out at the felt to ensure that there is in fact no straight possible on A82-9 and 5 bet. The guy promptly flips his shit but is unable to make what at some level should be the easiest lay down of all time....or at least as easy of a 4-bet/fold as you could ever find. Like, I raised the SB...I don't have 22. Anyway, that's been nice, and now I'm exhausted (a state I'm finding myself in more and more frequently) and need to get to sleep. Maybe I'll write something interesting from Boston next week.


Dave said...

You should create a sitcom that tracks a rabid Steelers fan and his equally rabid Packers fan girlfriend as they travel across the country to the Super Bowl. The proceeds from this sitcom would fund your adventure. I know I'd pay 5 bucks to watch it.

Alternatively, focus a webcam on you and Danielle watching the Super Bowl on your couch, and charge a buck for the live feed.

D: "Yes! Nice catch!"
J: "No, dammit! I hate you Greg Jennings!"
D: "What? What's wrong with Jennings?"
J: "I don't like his facial hair, ok?!"
D: "So superficial. You don't hear me talking about how attractive Aaron Rodgers is, do you?"
J: "You think Aaron Rodgers is attractive? Look at his ridiculous beard! Ben's beard is 10 times as manly."
D: "Ben is a rapist."
J: "That doesn't mean his beard isn't manly."
D: "Are you defending a rapist?"
J: "No, no, I'm just saying he looks more manly."
D: "You are such a misogynist!"
J: "What? Just because I like his beard?"
D: "Touchdown! Suck it, loser!"

bravos1 said...

LOL.. I'd pay just to see Dave's post played out exactly how he posted it.