Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chronicles Intro

I've made a commitment to review three hands that I have played with 3 different people for every day that I play live poker. So far I'm roughly on pace, and have about 10 reviews that I'm considering putting up here. My main concern with doing so is giving away too much information about the way I think and play. In the past this would never have concerned me, but that's mostly because thought I was invincible. Now that I'm quite sure that's not the case, I'm a little hesitant to be so open about everything. I'll make a decision soon.

Yesterday was one of those days that should have been awesome but ended up being kind of frustrating. I lost like a million (60) bets online in the morning, then came out to play and won 3 racks over the first 5 hours or so. So I'm happy as a clam but need to play past traffic and you know the rest; I lost two of the racks, and all of a sudden on a day where I had 5 racks of chips I basically broke even. Meh, gotta re-adjust to it I suppose.

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bellatrix78 said...

I don't know how sick you are of poker, you do it as a living. I love it tremendously, so every time I get into the car I get all giddy, because it allows me to catch up on poker podcasts. Weed out the good ones and you'll find some great strategy discussion and general news about poker on them. Definitely makes the commute less boring. But, if you're sick of poker it's not that great, so ymmv.


Strategy: Deuce Plays, Tournamentality (DC mp3 series), Cash plays (sometimes)

News: 2p2 Pokercast, Poker Beat, Rabbit Hunt, Pokestatic Interviews (not the other stuff)

Fun: Hey Ball!, Poker Road (if you really have time).

Just a suggestion, makes driving fun for me...

Count me in the interest list for hand reviews. If you're not gonna blog about them I would still love to see them :)