Monday, December 13, 2010

You Just Can't Beat This

Pound for pound, live 20 players have to currently be creating the softest games you can find. I'm quickly remembering why I took so long to ever get serious about Internet poker; it's just so hard compared to these games. The rake is oppressive unless you play quite high, tables generally have at least a few solid players, and often I wonder if I'm even a winner. This live 20 situation, however, is just so easy. They make huge mistakes; they are extremely exploitable; they just plain stink.

So far my return has been so so, but I'm confident I'll be booking more wins than losses in the near future and am more confident than ever that if my current situation stays viable (I don't go kookoo from the commute and the games don't die) I'll make it to the Commerce 40 yet.


Captain R said...

I want him to think that I am pondering a call, but all I'm really thinkin about is Commerce and the fuckin' 40/80.

Lucas said...

This seems like one of those situations where you just needed a little change to make you realize how good you had it in the first place. I am glad you are making your way back to live play. One less shark in the FT ring games, for those of us not fortunate enough to be located in California.

Matt said...

glad to hear you're back Jesse. my game just got a little harder and I'm happy about it.