Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Legislative Business

Harry Reid has dropped his push to attach legislation to the great tax cut compromisation cluster fuck 2010 (tm) to "legalize" online poker, whatever exactly that means. I've obviously been following these developments with a bit of interest over the past week or so, but the truth of the matter is that really nobody knew anything. Here are some random facts that I believe:

1. The status quo for online poker is not sustainable for much longer. The lack of basic consumer protection (lol bye bye eWallet dollars) can only go on for so long before the vast majority of people (the fish) just say fuck this I quit. IMR, how many hoops are the people who lose tons of money on these sites going to jump through?

2. Some sort of legislation is needed, and some sort of legislation will eventually happen.

3. The proposed "blackout period" in the bill would have been an unmitigated catastrophe for the entire industry.

So for now though, the status quo is going to continue. To be honest I just realized when I saw the most recent news that I was actually disappointed. Part of me was hoping the bill was going to pass and I was going to have to quit playing online and either make or break myself in the Commerce 40. Things started off so well for me online, but honestly the more I play the more I am thinking that it's just not a long term solution. The games get so tough so quickly, I'm routinely finding myself in 2/4 games on FullTilt where I'm looking around saying well that guy isn't very good and that other guy has leaks and then there are those 5 guys who win according to PTR and just for crying out loud people it's 2/4. Aren't there supposed to be megafish running around? I mean sure a lot of the players are bad and whatever, but as you move up even a little bit you run into players who either seriously study the game and know what they're doing, or according to cold harsh Darwinian logic by way of still having money in their accounts are reasonably not awful. I dunno how much longer I can pay $10/rake per 100 hands to try and win $4.


Dan said...

The status quo has sucked since UIGEA but the games are still beatable. (From what I've heard. I'm content with playing live 30/60 and 40/80s that are softer than online 2/4s)

jesse8888 said...

I mean of course the games are still beatable, but you have to be very, very good to win even modestly as I'm finding out.