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Chronicles: Part 1

I've decided to go ahead and put up some of the hand reviews I've gotten over the last 2 weeks. So as they like to say on Deuces Cracked, let's jump right into it.

Pocket 6s

I'm going to review as many hands as I can with different people. You mind helping out?

Live 20

Unknown limps CO. SB calls I check 66.

Co is 40s white guy, never seen him before. SB is solid live winner. Raise preflop?


I bet CO calls SB folds.


What's the play against an unknown. If I bet I assume I must fold to a raise. If I check I feel like it's to fold also.


I'd raise preflop, decent chance SB folds after completing the blind.

Flop bet is good, in the 40, I'd c/f the turn. I think most flush draws are going to check behind, but the pot is small, I'm OK with giving up.

In the 20, it's closer to a bet because some people will peel with the most random shit like underpairs, but I think c/f is still probably good.


Well, what underpair hands are you suggesting? I feel like many would raise pre, and those that didn't won't ever fold, right? The only reason to bet IMO is if I have an equity edge v flush draws and whatever else he peels with (which I bet includes raggedy aces).

So I checked to fold, but he checked. River was the other black 4. C/C now? Bet and hope he calls playing the board?


I was suggesting that sometimes in the 20 they'll peel the flop with 22/44/55/77/KhTs/etc. for whatever reason, so it's more important to bet the turn in the 20 than in the 40 (where they are more frequently folding those hands). But in general, I think you're generally smoked on the turn, and c/f'ing is fine.

River you can't check, because he's not bluffing a chop on the river unless he is extremely bad, and even then he will call whatever he is turning into a bluff, so bet and hope to get paid off by ATC imo. Because you like, have a flush draw obv., so he'll call for a chop.


Pete was the reviewer for this hand, and I think he nailed it. I made two mistakes (I didn't raise preflop and for some reason didn't bet the river) which is going to be a theme in these hands; they are all spots in which I was unsure of how to proceed and therefore are going to make me look like a pretty big donkey. I promise I usually do play pretty good. Promise :)

Donkey Kong

I am making a pledge to discuss 3 hands a day with 3 different friends. Can I count you in for one a week or so?

Live 20. Megafish limps MP, BJ raises the HJ, I defend 22, fish calls 3 ways.


I donk both call.

I can't remember the last time I donked here, but protecting my hand is not important and BJ will not air peel the flop. Non-standard but I think it has merits. Collect a peel from the fish drawing dead, BJ probably still raises big hands. I lose a bet from hands he will peel with but the fish won't call two with pure air.

Turn red ace.

I bet hoping to 3 bet.

For the record BJ and I have very limited history, but obvs we both know the other is good.



donking is bad. bj is cbetting his whole range 3handed. you're probably only donking a strong polarized range that lets him play well against u.

what do protection and bj's airpeel have to do with it?


Protection: I'm not concerned with facing the fish with 2 cold. She will peel for 1 bet with literally ATC, but for 2 she needs to have some reasonable (describable) hand.

Airpeel: BJs range is pretty wide. I think by c/r he bet/folds a fair bit of it. Like I guess the question is does he peel hands like T9s and A7 or not. My gut says he won't.

Obviously this is a single use line that relies on him having never seen it before. My thought is that I have a chance to get 6 small bets in the pot a fair bit by donk/3, and c/r will often result in getting exactly one.

As played....turn?


sure bj folds a fair bit when you cr but you get the cbet out of him at least

when you donk he just folds a lot and you dont get anything out of him

turn seems standard


More I think about it you're probably right. I wasn't really taking into account the times he's like "haha I fold" which will happen a fair bit.

Do you ever donk spots like these multiway? Like 4+ handed?


hu and 3handed never without a specific read that they check back often (non existent online)

4handed+ sure, altho depends on position and tendencies of pfr


Thanks. The BJ folded the turn when I bet, so I'm thinking he air-peeled something anyway.


da beej


The reviewer for this hand was Big Bad Babar, and again he's spot on. I tried to get clever here and execute a single use "donk of death" line against a talented young villain, but I got it wrong. My thinking was that he'd raise with big hands and call with crappy ones, so that I'd get to 3 bet when he was strong and get the same number of bets when he was weak, while simultaneously trapping the fish in the middle for as many bets as possible. The flaw in my thinking is that my opponent should be able to just fold to my donk with a lot of his pure cheese ball hands and basically own me. As it turned out it didn't matter a whole lot what line I chose, as he peeled the flop and folded the turn. This hand got me thinking about donking in general, and I do think it has merits in a lot of multiway spots, ones in which the preflop raiser is likely to check a decent portion of his range. But 3 handed against a guy who's betting 104% of the time just isn't the time to get silly.

Simple Blind Defense

I'm making a commitment to review 3 hands a day with 3 different people. Can I count you in for 1 a week or so? This ones easy....

Live 20, CO opens seat 9. I defend A7o in BB in seat 5. I give seat numbers cause it's one of those spots where he's in the CO but it "feels" like he's MP cause of physical positioning. He is basically unknown to me (I'm new here), but not a fish and Asian. Range likely widish, but no where as big as it "should" be.

862cc I have no trump

I c/c


I c/c


I bet to fold

Classic WA/WB. Online I c/r this turn all day, but against a live player I can't imagine 3 bets going in good. Thoughts? Also, do you fold some turns, like a red picture card maybe?


Yeah I'm down for the hand review...

I like this hand. Preflop is super standard. Flop c/c is fine. Against nits I fold because they either have a pair or a bigger ace. But against an unknown Asian it's a peel. Turn sometimes I donk because so many players check behind 76, 98, etc. here and they have 5 outs. But since he most likely has a lot of air that he could double-barrel, a turn check is fine.

When he bets, we are either raising or calling. Since raising usually folds out all worse hands and never folds out better ones, your WA/WB plan is fine. Only the presence of the flush draw makes me want to raise to charge him; also, smarter trickier LAGs will often project their own play onto us and think we're FOS with a flush draw, but (at this casino) 20 players are more straight forward so your c/r will be given a lot of credit (and they'll folds hands like JJ etc.). That tilts me towards a call.

The river donk is fine because hardly anyone triple barrels (once you call the turn A, he knows you're never folding a made hand so he will check behind all of his air and weak hands); you've gotta get a bet in if you're ahead. And he'll never raise a worse hand for value. So I think b/f is perfectly okay. I take different lines against different players I know, but for an unknown Asian this works okay.


P.S. I fold pretty much all turns that don't give me a pair or OESD.


Wow super thoughtful good review. Thanks. I think a leak I need to quickly plug is not giving people credit for a hand on the second barrel in this game. Like this guy opens UTG and I defend 44 (meh) and the flop is Q73r. I call one time and fold to the turn barrel; I just have to trust him to take a free river with ace high. Is that reasonable?

On this hand I honestly think c/f might be comparable to c/c. Lol they are just so passive on the river, only the flush draw deters me.


The reviewer here is the illustrious Private Joker, internet celebrity and destroyer of souls. For once I seem to have gotten a hand sorta right, but it shows a general leak that may have crept into my game from playing 60K hands on the internet. Online, in a button v big blind situation you need a pretty solid reason to fold ace high. In a live 20 game, the opposite is true; you need a pretty solid reason to show down no pair. It's a big leak, I think, to just willy nilly loosey goosey show down ace high in these games. There are times for it, and admittedly this could be one of them, but in general I need to make sure I have solid reasons for getting to showdown without any fruit.

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