Thursday, December 16, 2010

Round 2

BAL raises in EP and Mr. Lee (lol do these people have homes?) 3 bets. Like the dummy that I am, living in unicorn fantasy land, I cap jacks. Even assuming BAL's range is missing AA and giving me the benefit of destroying them postflop with my position, this is inexcusable on my part. But I mean...jacks! Both call and hilarity ensues:


They check I bet they call. The turn is less than ten, and they both check again. I bet and BAL raises. Mr. Lee agonizes over a super standard lay down with what he later claims to be KK (how does this happen? He runs KK into AA, gets a Jack high flop, and loses 1 small bet post flop) and I 3-bet, praying for a river ace to unlock the jackpot. Sadly we miss and merely collect the pot, with BAL muttering "how this happen, every day pocket ace lose".

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