Friday, December 10, 2010

Back in Action

I have returned to my roots, so to speak. I've played live 20/40 the last two days and (gasp) actually enjoyed myself. I ran pretty well (up a rack total), posted, some hands, renewed some friendships, and in general am pleased with my decision. More details to come, but it's looking like a hybrid strategy is going to be the plan moving forward.

One thing I will say is that playing 60K hands online has sharpened my focus and made me appreciate the ability to zero in on a single hand at once and try to play it super duper perfectly every single time. Kind of fun, and something I shouldn't have had to 8 table on stars to figure out but whatever. Hide your chips degens, I'm a comin' for them.


bellatrix78 said...

Definitely go for the hybrid strategy, imo. Don't go for one thing alone, makes you think about hands differently in all cases, makes you a better player!

Djuna Woods said...

Where did you play?