Saturday, February 27, 2010

Obserations on Propping

I'm currently in the middle of my 3rd shift as a prop down here, and my new position has some interesting quirks.

1. There is about as much 20-40 and 40-80 action here as at Garden City.

2. They use a must move for 20-40 games, not just 40-80 one.

3. Props don't get placed on the must move list. This results in all the props playing together in the bottom game, which is silly IMO. Basically we will have 3 20s, but the third will break when we run out of customers. Then we have 18 customers in 2 games and 6 props twiddling their thumbs. If 2 of us were in each of the games, we could support a 3rd. But nobody wants to play with 6 props....

4. We are very "open". The instant a customer wants a seat the CSR comes over and informs us. Whichever props blind is next can play until that hand but is then picked up. If someone has a button, he's gone.

5. There are no "floor men", only Customer Service Representatives. They run the games and do a good job.

6. The customers have a sweet deal. Basically the games are always full, but there is never a list.

7. I fear I'm not going to get to play enough. 5 hours per shift seems it will be a stretch.

8. Everyone is super nice.

So all in all, so far so good.


GCP said...

Sounds like poker nirvana.

Yodaman said...

twiddling thumbs for a solid hourly sounds like the nuts to me.

Shaman said...

Is that common for props to have to always sit in the feeder must-move game as opposed to being treated as a regular player? Seems odd to me, I can see a rule like no more than 2 props in a single game as long as there are customers waiting, but otherwise seems kind of silly to have only 2 games and 6 props doing nothing, when you could have 3 games 8-handed.

jesse8888 said...

I'm totally with you Wacky, and I've never seen a situation like this. Apparently the props (or house players as we're called quaint) were "silent" until a couple of months ago. Basically they were never picked up and nobody knew who they were. The customers apparently complained and management went with this system, which is probably a knee-jerk over-reaction.

I have been told that HG is planning a new state of the art building that will eventually have 386 tables and rival or even surpass (gasp) Commerce. I'll believe it when I see it, but such a plan would make this prop situation make sense, since management would basically be shooting solely for long term happy customers.