Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Post in NorCal

Our Internet is already shut off, so this iPhone post will be my last for a while. Really I should pack but since Danielle is at Google having desserts and beer my motivation level has actually zeroed out. The wheels finally fell off my hit n run plan today, which given that it was MY plan and today was the LAST day anything could go wrong and nothing had gone wrong YET could have been easily predicted. Typing on this phone is hard so an abbreviated version is in order.

1. Jesse blows through a rack without winning a hand, getting raised on the turn HU 3 times in a row.

2. Pete opens, Jesse 3 bets 88, HU. As Pete 5-bets the A83-A turn, Jesse wonders if he could actually fold. At showdown Pete presents the A8 with a correct amount of pomp and circumstance. Jesse misses his nine (9) big bets.

3. Jesse opens the CO with kings. The big blind produces aces on a 533-Q-8 board.

4. Jesse is 3-bet preflop by a tagfish and flops K53 with KJs. The tagfish 3 bets the flop with 3 outs and hits an Ace on the turn to turn his AQ into a winner.

5. Hank opens UTG, Jesse raises JJ, tight guy caps, SB calls all 4 cold, Hank calls, Jesse calls. 987r. We all call. 6. It checks through. T. SB (who is awful) donks, Hank calls, I raise, capper mucks, SB calls, Hank 3-bets we both call Hank has QJo.

So home I went, stuck 3 racks, wondering once again if this whole experiment should be aborted. A fresh start seems like it should help, but if I don't make some friends fast it's gonna be rough goings down there.


Anonymous said...

gl in socal jesse, i'll come visit you next time i'm down there. what casino are you gonna be propping for?

Going for it? said...

Shoot me a email when you get down here. johngbrown1966 (at) I am still kinda new at this but would really enjoy someone to bounce hands of and just bs with or even sweat at the bigger games.

Captain R said...

You didn't think we'd let you leave town with all that money, did you? :-)

Dave said...

You should contact John Crowe. I think you could turn him into a full-blown addict and take all of his money in one fell swoop.

Yodaman said...

And off we go to greener pastures! Best of luck and I'll be sure to hit you up next time I'm in socal.

Unknown said...

Patiently waiting for your "First Post in SoCal"

jesse8888 said...

Thanks for the well wishes guy. Except you Captain, you freaking two out specialist.