Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Caesar Was Ambitious

I rolled in to Commerce today at 9:45am and found myself shut out of action because they had started, of all things, an 80/160 HOE game.  That's right...80...160.  H.  O.  E.  Why wouldn't I sit in that game?  I cannot think of a good reason;  besides, how hard can E be?  I have played it probably a dozen times or so, and I know how split pot games work.  I also have lots of Omaha experience so what's the worst that can happen?  Well, it can turn out that I'm just not very good at the E, that's what.  I just stone cold aborted two hands, actually betting into a guy on 6th street who's board read 5432.  Now in fairness I did have a pair of 6s and was currently winning half the pot, but seriously.  I also attempted to value bet one pair on 7th street (I also had no low) heads up.  Now again in fairness 6th had checked through AND my opponent had checked to me on 7th street AND my pair was the single pair of buried aces I started the hand with.  But still, he just sheepishly called me with like 5s up or something and he got the pot shipped to him.  In the first rotation playing mostly 6 handed I had the bring in SEVEN of the eight hands, and that was just a pain.  So eventually I got myself out of there, sat in a mediocre 60, lost some more, then got a 40 seat which is where I should have been the whole time anyway, lost $2000 in 45 minutes (I swear to God that game is unbeatable) and ended up taking my 3rd early out in the last 6 days stuck a cool $5k for less than 4 hours of play.  My 40 game also ground to a halt ONE HAND after I took the big blind (and I did really want to kill myself for that one...how could I be that stupid), and didn't resume until the man refusing to post demanded that the three new players be given free hands (not required to post) so we didn't have to play a hand 4 handed.  What's funny is that this guy should do better in a shortish game, or should at least enjoy it, since he literally opens his button about 85%.

So that was my day yahoo for me.


avoidthe9to5 said...

did you know i feel closer to you every time you post? lol

i'm so glad i'm not alone with these daily shenanigans

Jesse Smithnosky said...

I have some bad news for you there buddy. This is something the big potato told me once, and he's absolutely spot on correct; we're all alone in this. When you go on a big downer or have a bad day or whatever, you can try to explain it to someone, even another professional poker player, but really deep down you're walking through that shit storm all by yourself.

that_pope said...

Unless someone is staking you!

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Having seen people (myself included) get brutalized while on a stake I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you on that one; the losing stakee is also going through some serious shit alone. The backer (I've been that guy also) can be of some comfort, but when it comes right down to it the guy spraying off the chips probably really NEEDS the staking deal and he's going to sleep at night worrying he's going to get fired or lose a friend in the morning.