Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eventually, You Will See Everything

But unless you have seen this, you are not there yet.  Casino employee opens UTG and bluetooth 3bets the small blind.  Headsup to the flop they go.


The action goes bet raise 3 bet call.  Bluetooth says something to the effect of "don't try that shit on me" or similar.  On the turn we see


Bluetooth bombs away and casino employee fires in the raise because why on Earth wouldn't he, you know?  Bluetooth tanks for a minute then says "I just calls" and peels off the 8 chips.


Bluetooth checks, casino employee snap bets and bluetooth goes into the tank.  All the other players at the table have been talking about the jackpot for two streets, but it's obvious we will be lucky to have one piece of it here.  Eventually bluetooth calls and the showdown ensues

Casino Employee:  "King high"
Bluetooth:  "I knew you had nothing.  I knew it.  I was sure you were fucking around, I knew it" I am the greatest player in the history of the texas hold 'em I made $1.2M last year this money doesn't mean shit to me.

Then he mucks his hand while flashing a queen of clubs and casino employee wins the pot.


Anonymous said...

Lol nice post..what were the limits?...also, can you post a picture of yourself? I want to know if I'm ever on the same table as you...would be fun to play with you

AdamStover01 said...

Sick value imo.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

avoid, that man is a supreme champion. I am sorry I had to remove you comment but you used his real name and he's the kind of guy that just might get upset about that.

But yes, supreme champion.

It was a 40/80 game and no I most certainly will not specifically post a picture of myself here they are easy enough to find.

And yes, super sick value.