Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorry I Blew You Off

To the player who approached me last night and wanted to share stories from a past lifetime spent playing with the Alabaman, I am sorry I sort of blew you off.  I was in a very special place at that moment and should have given you more attention and respect than I did.  So for that I'm quite sorry, and I would love to hear everything you have to say about the man.  He truly, truly fascinates me.

Things have been going OK, although I keep turning big wins into small ones and small ones into losses, and that's just getting kind of old.  Like yesterday it was obvious the bike game was going to fall apart very soon and I decided to stay til the bitter end.  For my efforts I got buttoned and sprayed off close to 2 racks in the last hour before walking out at 2:30pm (that's right...the game broke at 2:30pm).  Meanwhile the day before the game was just kicking and strong and the 20 was also good but for some reason I walked out the door around 4pm.  I just seem to be making bad decisions regarding these sorts of things;  maybe I'm being results oriented, but at a minimum the decision to leave Tuesday was poor.  Perhaps I need to take more time off at the tables.  I did that last night just after I accidentally blew my follower off and it got me out of the special place and into a reasonably good mood where I was able to joke with Mama about the fact that "un-organic sprays too many chemicals".  See, she calls me un-organic....too much chemical.  And I played this silly pot against this mixed game player where the board was like T87hh and he raise capped the flop (I had three bet my own big blind three ways) and after the SB checked the rainbow queen turn to me I just "donked" right into him again, figuring he had a flush draw or pair and straight draw or some other such non-sense.  He just called, the sb called, then on the river 8 ball (side pocket will it do ya) the sb checked and I bet and he raised all in for 7 more chips and the SB folded and I just shipped my hand to the muck getting like literally 40:1.  Spray spray spray spray...fold.

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