Monday, January 21, 2013

It Flows Through Me. Like a River

A while ago I was texting back and forth with Reno Dan.  I have maybe seen him once in the last four years, he's not really from Reno he just goes there a lot, not a whole lot of reason to it.  But I said something to him to which he responded "Lol let the hate FLOW" to which I responded "It does.  It flows through me like a river.  It moves me along.  It does not hurt me" and he thought that was hilarious.  And that's kind of how I felt Friday and Saturday as I lost so much that I actually needed to borrow money (from the South African) to sit in the 60 at Commerce (piss poor box management on my part).  Like, I don't really know what to say I lost 80 bets in something like 7 hours, including a 2h37 minute stretch in the 40 where I didn't win a single pot. Remember I don't chop in that game, either.  No walk in the big blind, no raise and take it down, not a single pot for over 150 minutes.  Pretty stunning.  During that time I probably started to play some hands kind of bad;  I made a fold that seemed obvious that was in fact awful...I missed a good spot to turn a pair into a bluff.  Simple stuff like that.  But I think the problem was that the hate was not flowing through was drowning me.   I have only played 1.5 of the last 4 days (I had to abort Saturday  it was that bad), and now I'm reading to ride along the river again.  But before I do, to share another text conversation:

Me:  "If that man was having a heart attack, I'd try to figure out how to slow down the paramedics"
D:  "If he was having a heart attack I would breath faster in an attempt to reduce his available oxygen"
Me:  "You win"

But enough of this poker shit, on to the business of the day and the fact that while Ray Lewis is a murderer (and at least I will never forget), one of only two possible situations where I can root for him to win a game occurred yesterday, namely playing against Tom Brady in the playoffs (I usually can't even root for the Ravens to beat the Pats in the regular season, unless the Steeler's fate has already been sealed).  The other scenario would be if they had a playoff game against the Raiders, but that's not something we are likely to see in the next decade.  Anyway...the stats that got thrown around for the pats before and after the game were stupefying.  Under Billy they have never lost to the same team twice in a season.  Think about that....not one time.  Admittedly the Jets Fins and Bills are fucking terrible, but they all get a shot at that EVERY YEAR, and occasionally get third game in the playoffs.  The pats pretty much ALWAYS play a first place schedule, so they routinely have rematches in the playoffs.  And they've never lost both games?  Ever?  And the other stat, and this one boggles my mind even more, before yesterday the pats were 67-0 (!) at home when leading at halftime under billy or brady or both or something I don't care.  SIXTY SEVEN AND OH!  This isn't one of those "up by 10" or "with a lead in the 4th quarter" or something.  This counts 14-13 leads at the half, and they'd never lost.

You know what these two stats say to me?  Fucking bunch of cheaters, that's what.  What advantages would the whole spygate operation really afford a team?  Second half (or second game, or playoff) adjustments, that's what.  So big stunner there, a team that got caught flagrantly breaking the rules a few years back (oh and by the way brady started 10-0 in the playoffs, and since then he is 7-7) used to win a bunch of games.  This just backs it up even more, everything they did was fake, it doesn't count, we might as well forget it happened.  Sure sure sure even without all that stuff they'd probably still be the best team since 2000, but you know what, I don't care.  I hate those fuckers, always will, and this just gives me an excuse.  I mean really, did you see Brady doing his best (admittedly pathetic) Ty Cobb impersonation out there?  So sad.  But you know what, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have to worry about this anymore.  The armor is cracking.  They're fucking up more and more.  Sure they ran a fake fake punt to get the Ravens to burn a time out, and sure they converted a 4th and 2 with Brady pretending he couldn't hear the play call (did you see how fast he had his hands back in his little pack warmer thing?  Literally the ball carrier hadn't crossed the line of scrimmage yet), but they screwed up some too.  End of the first half?  A 7 year old knows to call the time out there.  Brady preferred to take it into the locker room I guess.  And that tipped ball that for the first time in the last 200 actually landed in the hands of a defender (I can't back this up, but I am sure, just absolutely sure that Tom Brady has the lowest rate of deflected passes turning into interceptions in the history of the NFL)?  They're done.  You heard it here first, they're done.  Maybe I'm just being optimistic, hoping against hope, but man it'd be swell.

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