Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Curious Case of jesse8888

Sometimes I think that I truly am some sort of psychotic pioneer.  It's about time I rage vented all of you through a day in the life, so here we go.

I'm in a weird and uncomfortable place (at least for me) right now, because I don't currently have a home or even default casino.  I have been logging hours at all three places pretty regularly, and that sort of uncertainty isn't something that I do particularly well with.  Today I was planning to go to the bike, but I woke up feeling refreshed at 7:15am.  That game doesn't go until 10:15 at the earliest, and without the promotion it's getting a head of steam later and later.  A normal person would relax, maybe have breakfast, watch sports center, etc with the "extra" time.  Not jesse8888, no sir ree bob.  I was out the door 15 minutes later, done with my workout by 8:15, and in the commerce 40 promptly at 9:15am.  Oh I almost forget there were cops with assault rifles lining the CA 1000 all the way to the OC/LA county line because some asshole decided to go on a rampage in the 909.  But whatever, he's camped out at big bear for the night basically putting Rambo Part 7 on all the local channels, not nearly as fun as the bank robbers who threw the money out the car window last year.  He's just gonna be dead tomorrow, and hopefully alone.  Anyway so I get to commerce and the gang is ALL THERE.  Earlier this week Eagle borrowed a big number from someone to start a massive game, and it was announced that he was paying back today.  So what do we have?  All the sharks are circling fish!  That's right, turns out he's not coming.  Whatever the 40 games are still good so I sit and get skull fucked for 30 minutes, then switch to the 60, post into a time pot only to hear the two fish declare themselves out (meaning they are quitting in 4 hands), get skull fucked for 15 minutes, get back into the other 40/80 game and get just completely destroyed for 2 laps before giving up and going to the bike.  The "coop de gracie" as bugs bunny would say was delivered thusly:

Someone opens I 3 bet jacks on the button, the small blind calls them all cold we see a flop of:


And I don't even have a heart.  I actually check it back.  This is probably bad (ok definitely) bad and is the real reason I end up quitting.  I'm not playing well, I need to recover.  Anyway, normally a check back like this isn't going to lead to such a violent brutalization, but today was not just a normal day.


Boink!  They both check and this time I elect to wager.  The small blind raises me and I make my second mistake of the hand by just calling after the other guy folds.  He then smokes the river.


I call and he shows me...Q5dd.  That's right, the queen and the five, all reds on the turn, smoke the river and BINGO.  Skull fucked.

So I head to the bike and I'm actually in good spirits by the time I get there because Bohemian Rhapsody is playing as I pull into the parking lot and nothing bad has ever happened to me during that song so I figure I'm safe for another few minutes and the bike game should be good and hey I only lost $3400 (35 bets) in 70 minutes I can turn things around.  I haven't done the math on how much I'm under water at commerce this year, but it has to be over $15k.  It could be 20.  In like 6 days.  So anyway I get out of my car and am rushing to get into the building and dude checks my backpack and then way in the distance I see it.  They're all standing up.  The runners, the floor, the players, there are 25 people gathered around the table.  Doing the backwards math I realize they hit the jackpot pretty much at the exact moment Bohemian Rhapsody began to play.  The damage to the bike?  $72k.  A regular fish who runs hotter than the fucking sun got the big end (of course), and a nit who hasn't sat in the game in over six months got the other end.  Mr. Lee got a table share....that pretty much cancels out the fact that the other three table shares (4 out buttons LOL you guys are great) went to stand up great guys.  Of course now I'm afraid the game isn't even gonna continue (today or generally) but I stick around.  This jackpot hadn't been hit since 2011 (for serious)....

Turns out sticking around was the right play.  I won so much you wouldn't believe it.  I took a 3 outter.  I took a 5 outter.  I folded the flop after calling 2 cold only to watch my bottom pair morph into a combo draw on the turn and bing trips on the river in a 17 bet pot (which I didn't win).  And yet none of that mattered, I just won and won and won and won.  And that's when I made another critical mistake.

I uncaged the zoo.  I had won so much that I just had to count it, I had to see how many chips I had in front of me.  The answer?  $8100, off a light buy in of just $2000.  I had taken a $3400 loss at commerce, gathered myself, seen MY JACKPOT (I must  have $3000 down that hole) hit as I was walking to the table, and recovered to win SIX RACKS in about 2 hours.   And this is where my pioneering spirit truly comes into play.  For uncaging the zoo I was smoted swiftly and immediately;  one hour later I left the casino up only a little over 4 racks.  And did I go home?  Of course not.  I drove to the Hustler to play 25/50.  I turned a $3400 loser into a $2700 winner by 1pm, and did I go home?  Of course not.  I went to  to the Hustler to play 25/50 and got myself buried three racks, that's what I did.  Why wouldn't I do that?  I mean, deep down I KNOW these are good decisions, I know I need to pay attention to my stack less (but then why did I uncage the zoo?) and need to play good hours and blah blah blah.  But seriously?  A third casino after something like that?  I took all manner of gross beats, and did manage to leave only stuck about 1 rack, but the best hand was this.

UTG has been requesting a setup for 3 minutes and it finally comes as he's raising UTG.  He's pretty much a straight forward nit most of the time, and I've made some obviously big folds to him in the past.  Anyway, I defend the QTo hu


Against many players I'd c/c c/r, but this guy won't bet the turn and I'll end up getting owned against whatever hand he's holding with my particular hand.  So I c/r he calls and the turn is


He raises me quickly.  I call, not sure how I'll proceed on the river but probably the old vomit call cause  it is the hustler....


I snap check/fold, he shows me K7hh and makes a huge speech about how he just owned my soul and now I have to pay him off forever.


DosXX said...

Your obsessions with daily/hourly results is completely unhealthy. It's a terrible habit you've fallen into. It doesn't matter. You lose 3400 and then win 8100 and then lose 4000. So you won like what, something in the ballpark of your average expectation for the day?

Of course everyone feels bad when you are up big and end up losing or you get insta-stuck 2 racks in 4 orbits. I hate it just as much as you do. But, I don't dwell on it. That's the difference. I sigh and let it go since we've been there 1,000 times before.

I don't know, but judging by the tone of your posts, you let it bother you too much, to the point where if it isn't affecting your poker and bottomline, it's at least affecting your happiness as a human being on this Earth.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

You're absolutely right which is why I've been trying to do the zoo chip stacking thing. Yesterday the thing I was most upset with myself over was giving in to breaking down the stack and counting it.

armor said...

Jesse, as you know I also experiment with the zoo stack and love it. But also fail sometimes and uncage it at some point.
I suggest an bounty between the two of us: $100 if any of us uncages, during any session (unless seat change is required to a must move game).

Jesse Smithnosky said...

The bounty is go.