Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hand of the Day

Or rather the hand of last Wednesday.  I'll keep it brief because there isn't much to the story, and we'll just pick up right on the river action of a hand between a day in day out regular fish and a guy I have seen before who doesn't seem to play that much (and was part of the reason I was still at the bike after 4pm to witness this boondoggle).  The board reads:


I have not been paying attention, but I assume that there was some action preflop and on previous streets because there is a healthy stack of chips in the middle of the table.  The remaining two players proceed to go ballistic, raising back and forth in fluid motion, with the whole table assuming we have just hit the jackpot (this was the day before it actually got hit, with the player who won this hand getting the big end obviously).  Something doesn't make sense to me;  why would a guy with TT-KK give away 3, now 5, now 7, 8 bets all in just because he THINKS he is hitting the jackpot?  I mean his opponent could just show him the ace and the five for quads no kicker.  And it doesn't matter, even if you're about to win $35k why would you just light a bonus $500 on fire?  It makes no sense, but it's so weird I decide it must be happening and then it comes time to show the goods and we see behind door number one

Ace.  Jack.

That's good.  That plays, that's what he's supposed to have.  But then things get ugly.  Just like the time I had the AK on the AAJ-A-X board and my opponent raised me on the flop, bet the turn for me, and then called the river all the while shaking his head yes yes when asked "jackpot?  jackpot" with the queen ten high, the secondary villain in our story suddenly looks like he's eaten a rotten avocado.  Behind door number two we see

Three.  Three.

That's right.  The guy has pocking 3s, which on this board not only is not a jackpot, but cannot defeat such hands as "pocket 4s" or "six deuce off".  He got confused, misread the board/his hand/the planet he was on, and fired off most of a rack on the river for no reason other to let us all say that yes, we were witness.

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