Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crossing the Line

I have a confession to make.  I crossed a pretty serious ethical poker line today, and I'm not very proud of it.  For the first time in my career I took an action that I knew was against the rules, assuming that my opponent wouldn't realize what was happening and no one else would speak up.  I got away with it cleanly, which was all the worse.  The net effect was that nothing happened, but's what I did.

5 people see the flop, I have 97dd in the SB.  The board comes out


Some action happens, and we're still many ways when the turn peels off


I have the stone nuts, with the flush redraw, and lead out into the field.  I get raised, everyone else clears out except the button, who hems and haws and then calls 2 cold.  I 3-bet, the raiser 4 bets can see where this is going, right?  The action is capped right there because we are still 3 handed when the 4-bet goes in.  That's how a cap works.  But a lot of players don't know that (in fact, I'm not 100% sure that the bike does it this way now that I think of it...I'm 99% sure).  Anyway as the button is tanking I decide I'm going to go for it because the opponent I have right now could just put 9 or 11 bets into this pot before he realizes he's getting free rolled and is a well versed angle shooter himself.  And the button...folds.

I illegally 5-bet.  That's all it was, an 5-bet that I know I'm not allowed to make, that if someone tried on me I would speak up and prevent.  I did it swiftly, and he 6-bet me, so I swiftly 7-bet.  I'm pretty sure he just called this bet, but there is a chance we put 9 bets into the pot (I don't remember).  The river paired the 5 and wasn't a diamond and we chopped up the pot anyway, but I immediately felt horrible about it and resolved never to do something like that again.  Even if everyone else is angling for every inch, I can't sink to their level and can't let that happen again....I feel awful about it and I didn't even hit the free-roll, so I can't imagine how badly I'd be feeling if I had bonked him for the extra 3 or 5 bets.  In actuality that doesn't matter one iota, but I'm sure I'd feel worse.  Or heck maybe I wouldn't because at least thing I'd have something to show for my transgression.  As it is right now I compromised my integrity and gained nothing for it, which is obviously a losing proposition.

So anyway yeah that was pretty awful;  I wasn't going to put it up here, but honesty is the best policy and I'm trying to better myself and the pressure of the crowd has helped me in that regard before.


xing prox said...

I don't see any illegal action here.
After button fold, you are HU, so raise is unlimited

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Incorrect. The 4-bet went in when the pot was 3 ways and thus the action was capped. The button folding does not uncap the street.

Dee Express said...

It's not your responsibility to self-police when you're not 100% sure the casino abides by those rules. At the very least, you can ask the floor if the 5-bet is allowed (although I agree that most card rooms would not permit the bet).

xing prox said...

To Jesse, you may be right. But I don't think even every floor man can tell if it's illegal. I saw it many time at 20/40 games in Bay 101. You don't have to feel guilty at all.

AdamStover01 said...

Honestly, the idea of the cap is pretty dumb as people who are rope-a-doping would likely be caught pretty quickly and good colluders can do so with or without a cap. Yes, you technically broke the rules, but you didn't violate the spirit of them, which is to prevent dragging people for infinite bets when they're likely drawing.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

DosXX said...

I disagree with the comments about it not being a big deal. Any floor and most players would tell you the rule. With that said, it takes a hell of a lot of balls and a desire to fix unscrupulous behavior to post it up here and you get commended for that. I think everyone is guilty of something of this nature in their poker life - but not everybody would come clean about it.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

I pretty much agree with everything Dos said. It is a big deal, and I'm rather ashamed of it, and I almost didn't post it here but this blog is about being honest and open to the extent possible. I mean, I suppose I'm glad that people aren't judging me too harshly for it, but I'm still upset with myself for it.

Anonymous said...

Do you offer lessons?

Jesse Smithnosky said...

I have only ever formally coached one person and it was a long time ago. That said I am open to accepting students on a case by case. Honestly I have no idea how much I would even charge.