Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things Are Good

Things have been going pretty well the last week (I was going to say or two, but it's really just been this one apparently).  I've been on quite the tear, to the tune of $10k and 150 bets in the last 40 or so hours I've played across a wide variety of stakes.  I took today off to catch up on some stuff that just was getting away from me (I got all my stuff to my tax guy, for example) and have lunch with Danielle at Google and deliver the flowers and candy.  Valentine's day is pretty stupid, and you can lump me in with the rest of the male species that doesn't enjoy it in the slightest, but at least my lady basically agrees with me.  Flowers?  She likes them, but doesn't want me to spend too much (which means I go to Trader Joe's and get a dozen red roses on the cheap).  Candy?  We already have a bunch from Christmas (no wonder I can't lose the 10 pounds I've gained since the bottom of the bet) and she just wanted a little more.  Fancy dinner reservations tonight?  Why on Earth would we go out on one of the busiest nights of the year and over pay to sit in a crowded restaurant?    So she's on board and it's been pretty easy for me, and for that I'm very thankful.

The bike game is very close to dead, and that saddens me.  I've taken 6 figures out of that game (lol you're god damned right), and have been paid something resembling half that for showing up to do it (between prop wages and the now dried up promotion money).  Now that I've put that on the screen and am planning to push "Publish" in a little while I'm not sure how good I feel about it but I suppose it doesn't matter.  It's public information that I cannot win at Commerce, and it's also public information that I've been doing pretty well the last two years and that I play a lot at the bike.  So honestly it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  But now the game is dying because they never got a group of regulars to play at night.  For the last 6 months (heck longer than that) the whole game has been built around a group of people who specifically play something like 10 or 11 am to something like 3 or 4 pm.  I can think of 3 important regulars who play that schedule, and a host who has a sweet ass gig where he basically just plays the exact hours the casino doesn't need him there who does as well.  And with all those people doing that it only was a matter of time before everyone realized that's just what you do if you want to play at the bike.  We've had lots of other regulars who have realized that if they get up and the witching hour of 2:30pm rolls around they should probably just duck tail and run.  And that's what they do.  Hell even I have been doing it lately, and that speaks volumes to the level of fail that has ensued.  $15/hour for 14 months, with as many as 6 props working the game at one point and even now I think they have 5, and the game runs 5 days a week from 10:15am until about 3:30 in the afternoon.  Fucking disaster.

Could I have done more?  Yeah I suppose maybe I could have, but let's remember the host BARRED ME immediately after I clocked back to back 180 hour months in the game for telling a mentally unstable 85 year old that I did not respect him.  So whatever, I may play there a little this month, but I'm not going out of my to help save the game.  If they couldn't get it done paying $15/hour with the best stable of props perhaps ever assembled for a limit hold 'em game (people who have worked there in the last 2 years:  Joe Tall, MikeL, Sailboats, DosEquis, Snowball, Juice, Me, Dragon), they sure as fuck aren't going to get it done now.


Captain R said...
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Captain R said...

I uploaded this just for you.

Dustin said...

no, la peste never worked there.

DosXX said...

I still think if they had done everything I had asked for instead of only what ended up being $15/hour, the place would be thriving. Namely, hiring one single person for $60/hr when the wouldn't budge over $35. Stupid.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

1. Confirm La Peste worked there and was a very good soldier.

2. How on Earth could he hire someone for SIXTY DOLLARS AN HOUR that would just have been absurd I mean we're only talking about a $10M/year market. 60 dollars an hour over a year is percent of that or something.