Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Word is Going to Get Out

I thought about just not mentioning anything on my blog about what just happened to me, but word is going to spread because it's not like it's a secret or anything so here goes.  I guess first I should say what happened yesterday....I didn't even list myself for 1/2, then they started a game and the floor came over and asked if I wanted a seat.  I asked him to lock one, then hesitated, then saw who was in the game and at the hinting of Kim's "The answer is yes, dip shit" (she may not have said the dip shit part but if so it was a glaring omission on her part) and ran back to the game and managed to get a seat.  I was treated to a poo flinging contest for the ages and managed to book a pretty large win, even in terms of bets (and simply huge in the scope of my career numbers in terms of dollars).  Fast forward to today...I show up at 10:30 and the 1/2 is just firing up 6 handed.  I lock the best seat, get chips, and spend 2 hours winning another 3 racks.  Then I wait patiently in a craptastic game for the reason to be there to get back there, and sure enough he eventually is there again and immediately demands we kick the game up to 2/4.  There is one objection, but that is all.  So that is how it came to pass that I played almost five hours of 200/400 LHE today.  How I won 67 bets is another matter entirely, but it still did in fact happen.  

So there you have it...over the last two days, playing basically higher than I have ever played and then twice as high as that, I have won 125 bets. 


Pokershaman said...


that_pope said...

Hopefully this doesn't lead to another breakeven month.

Anonymous said...

That's freaking awesome. Congratulations on your big score!

Any anxiety in playing so high? Did it affect your game?

Jesse Smithnosky said...

1. Definitely sustainable lol

2. Not possible

3. I missed some thin river value, partially from maybe a mistake and partially to avoid a tough and potentially tilting spot. But nothing egregious. I did experience physical symptoms of stress (headache, shaky hands, stomach tightness) and found myself doing all the good Tommy Angelo stuff to keep myself ok mentally. I managed to play until it broke, conveniently at 7:15pm