Friday, June 1, 2012

I Play So Bad

Today was another long day at Commerce;  they are all just getting so very long.  Like, I left the house before 8am, hit the gym, and was on the floor by 9:30 (traffic is usually light on Friday mornings), but didn't have a seat for almost an hour.  That was the longest I've been shut out to start a day in quite some time, and it was just sorta...shitty.  Eventually I got, a 20/40 seat, hit n ran them in one orbit for nearly a rack, and then the 60 started.  I had my choice of the 40 or the 60, but didn't like the 40 lineup and gambled the must move they were about to start would be better by taking the 60 (which also lokked bad) for 20 minutes.  I was correct on both counts, jumped out of the 60 and got myself like 8th up to move out of the second 40 game which was rather juicy.  Then the 60 almost broke, some fish found their way in, and I manged to list myself and be first up, and I got a seat after only 75 minutes of 40/80.  And then I played 7.5 hours of 60, and then I drove home.  Total time away from the house, 13 hours and 15 minutes....that's a long ass day by almost anyone standards except perhaps Danielle.

I don't really want to stay as long as I do, but I have little incentive to come home early as traffic is routinely awful until 7:30 (and on Fridays like today was still brutal at 8:30), but it is sort of good, I suppose, to be logging heavy hitter hours for once.  I have cut way back on the coffee (one cup per day, and it can't be starbucks) and it seems to be helping my sleep and therefore my concentration and all that good stuff.  So for now I guess whatever I'll play 13 hour days.  But to the point of this post, namely that I still play so very very bad so very very often.  Hands....

Hand 1

I open the cutoff and a lagfish regular 3 bets me on the button.  He recently cold called in this exact spot with A9o.  He does things like opening Q3s in the HJ, betting the flop, getting 3 calls, then checking third to act when he turns trip threes.  He also loves him some free cards, and will 3 bet any flop in position with basically any holding that needs a free card.  Like, he got me recently with A8o on like a JT3 board, runner runnered a one card 8 high flush, and raised his hands in the air declaring "I am champion" as he collected my river bet.  In short he is just flat fucking awful.  The small blind calls...he's very bad, but my read on him is that he needs some semblance of a hand to call 3 cold from the small blind.  Fail fail fail.


SB checks, I check, button bets and SB raises....I tank and believe it not fold my hand.  The button calls, the turn and river are a 4 and an 8, and the river checks through.  They chop it up with A3o (button) and A6s (sb).  LOL way to go Jesse, way to go.  I just need to grit my teeth and call there, right?  I dunno, it seemed like a pretty good fold at the time.

Hand 2

I open the SB with A6s and the BB just calls (he's the button from the last hand).  We flop


I bet and he calls.


I check, and he hollywoods for a full 10 seconds before firing his bet into the pot.  I should actually fold WHILE he's hollywooding now that I think about it, but for some reason I actually fall for it (god I suck) and call both streets (not improving on the river) to be shown Q7o

Hand 3

A super laggy regular (who routinely plays higher) opens like the far jack, I 3 bet 77 in the HJ, and both blinds calls (one is a whale, the other a laggy regular).  The opener just calls and we flop


The blinds check and the opener just donks.  Now here's the problem...I don't think about my action for more than 2 seconds before making a decision.  I don't try to reduce his holdings (he didn't cap preflop so he probably doesn't have a super premium hand, but he could have 99 or TT or something...he'd likely slow play or at least c/r 88, he almost certainly doesn't have a 5).  I just...fold.  Seriously, I folded my hand.  Like, what on Earth am I thinking there?  I didn't consider that there were 13 small bets in the pot already.  I just put him on an 8 and laid down my walkin' sticks.  Now in fairness I have the only hand in my entire range that I would fold in this position (I don't think I'd have 3 bet him with 66 preflop even) so in a way I just got super, duper unlucky, but still.  Folding here is bad, as we will see in a minute.  One of the blinds call, the turn is a card and the river repairs the board and it goes check check.  The opener shows, and wins with....AK.  That's right, he has ace fucking king.  Like, really?  He opts not to cap preflop in a 4 way pot with two guys so far behind they  can't see...well, I don't know where I was going with that but they are way the fuck behind.  Then he gets a mediocre flop and decides to...value donk ace high, I guess?  That's his plan?  Fuck.

Hand 4

Same villain as the opener last hands limps up front (for what it's worth whatever modicum of respect I had for his skills previously was incinerated this evening) and I raise it with the 99.  We see a flop 5 ways (what an amazing game) and I get a good one


I bet and 3 people call me.  This is one of those "bleh" spots in good LHE games where you're going to have to bet the turn and it's just going to be ugly because lets be honest there aren't many very good cards that can roll off here.  Anyway the king ball hits and one player checks and he just donks right into me again.  Hand 3 is still fresh in my mind so like a dummy I call, then call a blankish river and get shown the K5s.  Blarg.

Hand 5

CO opens SB 3 bets I cold cap QQ 3 ways


I bet CO raises SB cold calls and I just...stop.  I do not 3 bet.  Why do I not 3 bet?  I don't know.  But I don't.  Turn jack and obviously it checks through because that's what it does when you don't 3 bet oop, river is a card I bet and get one call and win a pot that is missing quite a few chips.

So yeah, that was my day, playing not great (and in fairness some of these were tricky spots but I should get them right or at least think about my actions longer than I did in some cases) but somehow winning a little.  That's poker.  I also did make some super slick plays though, which I had all but forgotten about until just now (3 come to mind), so I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on myself.


Pokershaman said...

In Hand 1, what cards did you have?

avoidthe9to5 said...

sounds like 88 or 99 from the action and his description

that_pope said...

Seems more like AT from the lamenting.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Oh lol I had A9o.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Re-reading these hands Jesus I still really do have problems making good decisions at game speed.

Anonymous said...

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