Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I've made it a habit the last few years of sending a simple "Happy Father's Day" text to all my friends who are proud papas.  The trouble is it's getting pretty difficult to remember everyone;  I'm sure I missed a few, so hopefully this will catch them.  Happy Father's Day everyone!

Today was one of those days that makes you want to come back tomorrow.  I played for 6.5 hours in amazing games, bad stuff happened all around me (the 3rd 40 got started DOA, then fired up for 20 minutes, then broke.  the second 60 started, which promptly broke the second 40, 20 minutes after I'd moved from the second 40 to the first.  then the second 60 broke, so they restarted the second 40.  which then broke again), but just not to me.  If I had ace king I turned a king, and if I was beat I lost the minimum.  It was grand.

I put another notch in my oh-fer belt taking pieces of friends in the WSOP, with howmany failing to cash the $10k HORSE event.  He actually headed in to day two 12th of 152 remaining players or something pretty impressive, but in these limit events the blinds go up and up and up and pretty soon you have 3 times a starting stack but only 15 bets and that's often all she wrote.  I did enjoy reading about the stud eight hand where danny negs made a 9 high flush and a 76 and got scoopie doo'ed...I'm not sure why it just seems like he has probably run pretty good in his life, except that time Gus Hansen dinged him for like $300k in one hand on high stakes poker (google it).

The next three weeks are pretty ugly for me schedule wise, with an east coast trip for a bachelor party, then theoretically a 4 day weekend in vegas (for another bachelor party) followed immediately by another 4 day weekend in vegas (for the two plus two meetup).  We'll see how long I'm actually out there for those two events, but I wouldn't want to disappoint leo doc by not basking in his hospitality :)

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