Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Commerce 40 Personified

Two Asians face off for a battle of free card fancy play champions. Seat 1 opens EP and seat 3 cold calls first in. The BB calls but doesn't get far. To the flop


BB checks S1 checks S3 bets. BB calls S1 c/r. S3 3-bets BB folds S1 4-bets. S3 grabs 8 chips but drops 4 off on the way in and just calls.


S1 bets S3 raises again S1 3-bets and S3 finally surrenders. At this point the BB declares "I had Queen!" to which I respond "that's probably good"


S1 bets. S3 calls. S1 shows K9dd and loses to K6ss.

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Jesse Smithnosky said...

I realized I got the board wrong here...obviously there were not two sixes of spades in the deck and the other card on the flop was probably a five.