Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, not really, but it's always good to have goals and I hit some milestones on the way to two of mine recently.  Yesterday I logged my 1000th hour of the year, which puts me on pace to crush not only my goal of 1800, but also my all time season record.  And in somewhat more important (although decidedly less controllable) news, I am currently bouncing around the plus 600 bet line for the year.  That's just swell, honestly.  I don't have any illusions of being a bet per hour winner, at least not given how many hours I play, and my stated (I suppose privately) goal for the year is to win 1000 bets.  I've probably mentioned this before, but I just don't think an entire bet per hour is possible in the current environment unless you are extremely picky about what games you sit in (and therefore don't grind anywhere near the hours I'm planning to put in).  The rake is just so high, and the truly great games just move so slowly, that I don't really think you can do it.  I suppose a dedicated 20/40 (or even 40/80) grinder who consistently played in the overnight commerce games could probably pull it off, but honestly we will never know because even if somebody does it for 3000 hours straight that honestly wouldn't mean very much about anything (their actual win rate being that high in the past, or their win rate being that high in the future).  So like I said I'm super happy to win like half to three quarters of a bet per hour.

And I guess that's about it.  I'm going out of town for the (long weekend) and feel like I could use the rest.  I haven't taken a day off since May 28th!

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