Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fantastic Beat With Bonus Foiled Angle Shot Coverage

This one was just priceless.

I'm playing 40 at Commerce, and I don't remember the pre-flop action but think I got in a 3 bet and saw a flop 4 or 5 ways with jacks.  I could be wrong, but there were some players and I had jacks and the board fell


Being that I was siting in the commerce 40, the first thoughts that were going through my mind were how I was going to manage to lose this pot.  It seemed rather difficult, even for me in that game on such a board, but where there is a will there is most certainly a way.  Nothing interesting happened on the flop, which is a tell tale sign that something horrible is going to happen on a later street.  I bet and three players called, one of the blinds, an early position player (who may or may not have raised preflop, I can't remember now), and a late position idiot.


OK, so I've gone from the stone nuts on a rainbow board to the third nuts on a board with a flush draw.  This isn't too bad.  The EP player bets into me, the late position guy folds, and I raise it right up.  The blind calls two cold, and right there I know it's coming.  This guy is a super fishy Asian that the 60 routinely gets built around, and he's just going to crush me, I can feel it.  While I'm worried about him destructicating my jacks the EP player has gone into the tank.  I gather my wits long enough to study him and attempt to divine if he is hollywooding or genuinely considering his action.  I decide it's a hollywood job for sure and that I'm pretty much fucked.  Then he 3 bets.  I just call, which is completely ridiculous in retrospect.  I mean really, the guy is supposed to show up with 97 here and just donk the turn like that right into me?  He's not going to go for the old check 'em and raise 'em plan there with the stone Bo Na Fee Days nuts?  Come on Jesse, get your fucking act together.  Dude has two pair or a set or something and even if he does have the ol' nine seven ball you have TOP SET and there is a dude drawing behind you.  But I don't cap it because I play bad and we see a river.


And the dude in the blind goes into the tank.  He goes in for so long it's just flat weird, and I become 100% sure he's made his hand.  Something in the back of my mind tells me that has to be the case, that I've seen this movie before, but the salient details escape me.  What is he trying to accomplish?  Finally he he taps his hand up and down with 8 chips in it and in the same instant the EP player checks and before I know what has happened he has released those chips and sprayed them into the pot.  The dealer is stunned and before I can say anything the EP player calls the bet!  At this point it all becomes clear as day; he was trying to see if the EP player would bet for him so he could check/raise both of us, but he got foiled and then went for the tried and true angle shot "late bet."  He tried to argue that he'd just been tapping his chips up and down and I just laugh at him while asking the dealer to call the floor.  She looks at me funny and says "I thought he checked" and I have to chuckle at her also.  I second my request for a floor ruling and the EP guy explains "yeah that was weird, I thought he had checked" and I respond "It's not weird at all, it's an obvious angle" and the offender eventually says "fine fine fine no bet" and takes back his chips.  At this point I check back my top set and he rolls the A7o for "five in a row," then proceeds to needle me saying "I knew you had a set."  I congratulate him on a fine effort and we move onto the next hand.  And in closing, the astute reader will notice that the EP player did not have a 7 in his hand and therefore had something like 88 or 68 or whatever and was drawing stone dead or to one out vs me, and I just took a beat where had something like 93% equity 3 ways on the flop, then had to defend against an angle shooting attempt at flat cheating on the river.  2/4 run good non-withstanding, poker is still hard.

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