Thursday, June 14, 2012

There is No Theme

Lot of stuff going on, none of it actually that important.  Yesterday I posted what I think was the biggest loss of my life, playing 1/2 with this super fishy and perhaps high on more than life lady who couldn't stay in her seat for more than 5 hands in a row.  Blah blah blah, couldn't win a hand, lost 2 or 3 racks, then she evaporated (after lobbying 2 laps, coming back to the table in the CO, waiting til her blinds, playing the big and small, then missing all her free hands and lobbying 3 more laps after that) and I played 60 for a bit and got dusted off also and  when it was all over I was missing $8K.  I went home feeling completely fine about it, which was just sorta weird.  Contrast that with today, where I played 60 and won a bunch, then played 40 and immediately won I don't even know how much like 4 or 5 racks, then checked traffic at 2:15 hoping to take an early out mental health day (I mean really, who wouldn't go home up $7K the day after the biggest loss of his life?  what sane person wouldn't give himself that piece of mind?) but the five was already closed so I stayed and torched off every penny I was up in the 40.  I still went home up quite a bit (like $2k or something) but it felt way way worse than the previous day when I'd actually lost a ton.  So that's the way poker fucks with you, or at least one of the ways, which is just weird.  I mean, I know it's just me being stupid, but I can't make the feeling not happen.  Strange.

I'm spraying off chunks left and right taking pieces of people in the WSOP.  Some all of them are one offs (10% of numbnuts in the $5k LHE, 1/3rd of a buddy in the $1500 FR LHE) and some of them are package deals (10% of allstart over the entire series), but they all have something in common; zero cashes.  Alas, I'm hoping allstart can get the magic luck box rolling, otherwise when all is said and done it's not gonna look very pretty.  Of course he could just run super deep in the main event and that'd make everything awesome, but I'd rather be free-rolling at that point if at all possible.

There was more I wanted to say...oh yeah, I've made some stunningly terrible decisions and mistakes in the past 48 hours, but it looks like I'll get away with them pretty much scott free.  One involves loaning money, which is often a horrible idea but as DosEquis told me yesterday "you're never going to get somebody totally buried in a game if you don't take chances like that from time to time" and well I took a chance and it worked out.  The other was deciding to pay attention to the radio while hanging up my phone in traffic and rear ending a highlander this morning.  Nothing serious, I almost got stopped, I have insurance obviously, but jeeze what a dumbass thing to do.  I haven't been in many traffic accidents that were my fault in life, and was doing great for like 5 years running and I'm just pissed off at myself for not paying more attention.  Like, to be honest it's shocking I hadn't done it sooner or been smashed into myself by now given how much time I spend driving around in high traffic situations, but sucked.

And in closing...I is unbarred!  That's right, I just got the word yesterday that I'm officially welcome back at the Bike.  I don't know if I'll go back or not, but it's at least nice to have the option.  So that's about that, I suppose.  A special shout out and good luck to Death Donkey, who went out of his way to send me a super duper long email about my successful white chip shot and what it meant and how I should handle it, and therefore was rewarded by a stroke from the run good stick and a final table in the LHE shootout.


DosXX said...

I don't mean to be brash or rude, but if your biggest loss is 8K in your life, you aren't putting yourself in a good place playing 2/4. Especially seeing how it seems to affect (effect? shit I don't know) you so much. I'm really glad your shot has worked out well, but one of the things I've learned through unfortunate experience is taking a shot and losing more than you ever have before leads to no bueno things.

Wait until you've lost 15k in the 1/2 before you decide to sit at 2/4 where 15k is basically breaking even.

Pokershaman said...

Maybe there's some selection bias here -- nobody complains when heavy traffic on the 5 means they stick around and win three more racks -- but I've read this story from you about your losing multiple racks when bad traffic keeps you in the casino several times now.

Maybe you could develop some other choices than simply staying at the tables when traffic is bad. Sit and watch whatever game is on in the sports bar. Go shopping at the outlet mall just up the road. Just pick up and wander around the room, annoying your pals who are still playing. Even go to the other end of the building to donk around for fun at low stakes.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

I do some things pretty differently than you, Dos. I seldom play more than 10 hours straight, I never play overnight, and consequently spend almost all of my time in fullish games. And because I do still tend to get hurt by large losses (as I'm finding out it's losing bets, not dollars, that really bothers me) I just stop playing when I get stuck 4-5 racks or more.

In short I know what you're saying, and I'm just not gonna get dusted off for a massive number because I'll quit stuck a large one. Am I going to lose $10k soon? Sure. $20k? Probably not. It's all feeling more like a video game of late, so I'm pretty sure I'll be OK with it when it does happen.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Yeah it's important for me to remember the days like yesterday where I want to pick up at 3pm up a bunch, then decide to stay and go on to win "double" a bunch.