Friday, June 1, 2012

1/2 With Squeaky

I've had lots of stuff to blog about but haven't been able to make the time. Philly was nice (wedding) but apparently is the hottest place on Earth. We saw Valley Forge Tuesday and it was 93 and humid; not the weather you want for walking around and seeing cannon and redoubts and the like. I must have stunk so bad on the flight home....

So I closed out the month Wed-Thurs, and to be honest have been playing pretty big on average, bigger than I've intended to be anyway. Wednesday I sat 60 all day, and yesterday I played 1/2 for 2.5 hours (I was first up for 3.5 hours before that). Somehow I played with Squeaky and won 3 racks, which is just unbelievable. That win allowed me to close out May in the black by a few thousand, which is pretty sad given I had a $10k day and $7k one in the past 2 weeks. The commerce 40/80 hole is now close to 400 bets deep.

I've played 390 hours in two months though, so that's good. And I solved the "waiting for luggage" problem. Quickly...suppose you're waiting for N bags. What is the expected percentage of bags that will be offloaded when you have all of yours? Well...if N is 1 obviously it's 50 (or .50 you get it). As I was waiting for our 3 bags Tuesday night I realized as N increases your wait time goes up a ton. Eventually I figured out it's this

1 minus the integral from zero to one of x^N

Think about it. It's kind of neat. Ok I'm on my phone spraying off $6000 in the 60 somehow gotta focus.

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