Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tables Have Turned, Etc, Etc

Yesterday I posted my first winning day in something like 8 shifts, and since it's the first of June I actually feel like my swing is behind me. Of course this is completely ridiculous, as the swing never really even existed in the first place, and if I'd won 8 days in a row and suddenly lost yesterday I wouldn't feel like I was definitely going to lose today, but since the feeling is working in my favor I'm going to just run with it.

I think I've learned a lot about my game in the past week or so, namely that I still have leaks to address (obviously) and that my decision making machinery still tends to break down when faced with difficult decisions (as an example in a BvB battle yesterday I bet the ten high (4th nut) one card flush when donk-checked to on the turn, and then promptly paid off a check/raise...this is terrible, as my opponent isn't going to give me two bets, or even one, with a lot of his range). I've also learned that I'm still most comfortable in loose full ring games, and that's something I need to address since my job is to start the 40 4-5 handed with (generally) a couple of luny toons level lags.

In all for May I posted "at the table" losses of about $7K. But I did get paid, and had such a great April that things are still looking just fine. I also played over 180 hours, which definitely counts as a strong performance for me (although obviously my online output dropped from five figures of hands to three). I've fallen behind in my two plus two posting, but that's exactly because of the push to get the big hour number. And I've decided for the next week or so (until my Pittsburgh trip) I'm going to log as much 20/40 overtime as possible, both to regain confidence and attempt to win some money without putting too much of my remaining liquid cash at risk. No matter how much you had, you probably don't have enough after a 20 rack downer :(

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